Jasper Centowski
The Judicious Jasper








Hank Centowski (father; deceased)
Wilma Centowski (mother; deceased)
Cassidy Free (adoptive mother)
Richard Lytner (step-father)


Nick Lytner (adoptive brother)
Blake Dasani (half-brother; deceased)


Candi Centowski (ex-wife)
Nell Hayes (ex-wife)
Amy Myers (ex-wife)
Amy Myers (ex-wife)
Skye Sommers (ex-wife)
Candi Cabot (wife)


Candi Cabot (ex-girlfriend)
Chloe Talbot (ex-lover; deceased)
Amanda Campbell (ex-fiancee)
Janet Brigham (one-night-stand)
Janet Brigham (ex-girlfriend)
Amanda Campbell (ex-lover)
Skye Sommers (one-night-stand)
Nell Hayes (one-night-stand)


Craig Brigham (son)
Viviane Centowski (daughter)
Holden Centowski (son)
Francine Centowski (daughter)
Serena Sommers (daughter)
Alexa Cabot (step-daughter)


Tony Rossatino (adoptive uncle; deceased)
Chloe Talbot (adoptive cousin; deceased)
Nancy Tenney (niece)

Cause for Departure

Moved away after break-up with Candi. (1st Time)
Presumed Dead. (2nd Time)


Jasper Centowski is a sim in the town of Sun-Crest Point. Though initially appearing as the stereotypical "geek," Jasper endures much heartbreak and happiness in his life: being bullied, the murder of both his parents by his half-brother, discovering he has a secret son, being adopted, and most notably his turbulent romance with Candi Cabot -- which has continued to weather many obstacles. All of which have shaped Jasper into the leading man he has become.


Jasper first appears as an ideal nerd. He is originally chosen by Candi Cabot to be a pawn in her plot to win over James Person. She asks him out and begins to "date" him simply to make James jealous as he won't end his relationship with clique-it-girl Natasha. Her plan works, but Candi begins to feel guilt ridden especially after Jasper tells her that she was his first kiss and that she has been the only ray of light in his life after the death of his mother. Eventually Natasha's father gets a job re-location and she and james break up, finally freeing him. However, Candi can't seem to end her relationship with jasper and then she realizes that she has fallen in love with him. She then blows James off and begins to date Jasper for real. However, James begins to beat on Jasper and eventually reveals the truth to him, which causes Jasper to break up with Candi. However, Ted Swirl, CAndi's mother, Alicia Cabot's boyfriend orders James to make things right with Jasper and Candi and he does. James tells Jasper that Cnadi blew him off because she does love Jasper. They then reconcile and Alicia walks in on them making out. Jasper then invites Candi over to his house to meet his father, Hank. she accepts and they have dinner together. However, Hank belittles Candi at dinner as Jasper told him about her initial plan of using Jasper. Later Jasper apologizes and says that his father's sour attitude is due to his mother's death. She then tries to find a new woman for Hank. At first she and Jasper try to get her newly reunited aunt, Catherine Andrews to date him but she lies and says she is still in love with her homosexual ex-husband, Reggie. After hearing of Mae Stone and Escobar Reyes's divorce Jasper and Candi decide to break them up, their plan works when Jasper comes home and finds Mae and his father having coffee together. Candi and Jasper then go to see Escobar and tell him about Hank and Mae, which makes Escobar end his relationship with Mae, playing right into their plot.

Mae then begins to date Hank and he lightens up significantly to both Candi and Jasper's delight. However, they negin to feel guilty but before they confess to the set up Hank ends the relationship with Mae when he becomes too clingy and Hank is beaten up by a protective Escobar and Mae leaves Hank. Hank takes his anger out on Jasper and tells him they are moving out of town and they do so, which devestates both Candi and Jasper. However, Hank endures a breakdown when they move away and he runs off, leaving Jasper behind. Jasper then returns to town and confesses what happened to Candi and breaksdown in her arms. Alicia then gets Cassidy Free to try and help him emancipate himself. His plans don't work out but over time Cassidy grows to love Jasper as her own child and offers to adopt him, he accepts. Jasper and Candi then reunite as a couple and even befired new comer Chloe Talbot. However, their frind Chloe posses a bigger threat to their relationship than initially thought. Chloe becomes increasingly flirty around Jasper and Candi warns her and him and Jasper assures her that he only has eyes for her. Then on the night of Mae and Escobar's wedding Candi leaves Chloe and Jasper alone and they end up making out. Jasper is guilt ridden but Chloe tells him not to tell Candi. Eventually the guilt consumes him and he confesses the affair to Candi on the day they graduate and age into young adults. Candi dumps him and Jasper ages into a young adult. He then tells Cassidy and her then boyfriend, Richard Lytner, that he is leaving town. He then leaves and wishes his adoptive mother well. Cassidy later reveals that Jasper got a job as a scientist. Cassidy and Richard soon leave town to go see Jasper shortly after. When Cassidy calls Alicia, she informs her that she and Richard have married and that Jasper is fine... but no mention of his dating life, or if he is seeing anyone.

Return/Tabula Rasa

Jasper returns to town in the wake of Luke Donovan's death. He came back by force as he was assigned to help re-build Sun-Crest Point's failing science labratory. Though still upset with Candi about their break up he lets go of all his old feelings when he sees her in such grief. Alicia warns him not to play with her emotions in such a state and it is then when he informs them that he is engaged to Candi's new arch nemisis, Amanda Campbell. He also informs the residents that Cassidy and Richard are doing well and that they have had a son, Nick Lytner. However, Jasper begins to spend a great deal of time consoling and re-connecting with Candi and one evening after learning that she can not have anymore children, Catherine, stumbles across manda and takes her down a peg and tells her that Candi and Jasper still and forever will love each other. Amanda then oversees Jasper taking a stroll with Candi as they go to see Luke's grave. After seeing the truth in Catherine's staement Amanda calls off her engagement to Jasper. This upsets Jasper as Amanda never gave him a reason for the break up and Candi confronts Amanda and demands an explanation and she tells her that she sees they love in their eyes and that next time around she won't be so nice. After this Candi and Jasper reconcile their old relationship in attempt to begin anew. They share a night of immense passion and love until. Alicia's new boyfriend, Saul Brigham's daughter, Janet Brigham and her son, Craig arrive in town. Alicia is shocked to learn that Janet is from the same town Jasper just came back from and that Craig has no identified father.

Alicia quickly jumps to the conclusion that Jasper could be the child's father and goes to inform her daughter to beware only to find them in bed together. Candi dismisses Alicia's remarks as all she is going on is a gut feeling and that she doesn't even know if Jasper and Janet were ever involved. It is revealed that Jasper and Janet did have a one night stand upon his arrival in town in attempt for him to get over his break up with Candi and Janet to deal with her failing relationship with Kevin McCain. Jasper admits that he could be Craig's father but that he never spoke to Janet after that night and didn't even know she was pregnant. They then decide to have a paternity test between Kevin and Jasper and the test reveals that Jasper is in fact Craig's father. This causes Candi to go off in an intense emotional state and sleep with her ex-lover, James Person. This results in her becoming pregnant with James's child. Jasper thens teps up, dums Candi for cheating and begins to focus on fatherhood and begins to grow close to Janet. This leads to them giving a real relationship a shot and they seemingly become happy, though Jasper still carries a torch for Candi. When Jasper, Janet and Criag go to Saul and Alicia's wedding and Candi sees them together she has an emotional fit, causing Alicia to call off the wedding. When Janet introduces Jasper to her older sister, Audrey and her husband and kids she criticizes Candi, causing Jasper to verbally berate her and come to Candi;s defense. This is where his relationship with Janet begins to dwindle.

After his anger about her cheating leaves him, Jasper begins to realize the mistake he has made but stays with Janet out of a feeling of duty and love for his son. Janet begins to feel herself losing Jasper and tries her best to salvage their relationship but to no avail. Thier romantic downfall escalates to Janet asking Jasper if he loves her and he tellse her that he will alsways love her for having Craig but that he is not IN love with her. They end their relationshio but Janet asks if he will still come to her father's rallys during his run for Mayor and Jasper accepts. He then goes to see Candi, who has by now given birth to a daighter, Alexa. He becomes discouraged when he sees Candi and James through her front window bonding happily. He later confronts James who shows his teeth and it becomes obvious that rivalry has ensued. But Jasper eventually finds Candi alone and asks if she loves James, she repeats the exact response Jasper gave to Janet and they confess that they have both made mistakes but are in love with each other, leading to them sharing a kiss and once more reunititng. Then following their brief romance, Jasper asks Candi to marry him and, she happily accepts. Their engagement causes James and Janet's plot to fail and, James leaves town while Janet decides to end her plan to win Jasper over. Jasper and Candi then begin planning their wedding. They decide to move it up to a few days in order to coincide with Alicia and Ted's return from Alicia's book tour.

As their wedding approaches, Janet's mother (Irene) and, younger sister, (Lucy), come to town and, Janet begs Jasoer to pretend to be her fiance so she won't sound like a loser to her mother and, Jasper agrees after Janet begs him. However, her plan comes to light when Cassidy returns to town. Cassidy announces that she and Richard have divorced and, he maintains custody of Nick. Then, on their wedding day, Amanda kidnaps Candi and, gets them stuck in the outskirts of town. Se admits that she was just jealous that Candi was getting her happy ending. Derwood Halcoyn, manages to get them to the wedding in time. Though, for a brief moment Jasper thought that Candi was going to leave him at the altar. Then Jasper and Candi finally get married. However, their brief moment of happiness comes to a halt when, Jasper's father, Hank, shows up at their reception. Hank tries to come back into Jasper's life. However, Jasoer and Cassidy are hesitant about Hank's mental stae after he just left Jasper years ago. Jasper then permits Hank to stay with he and Candi but, he refuses to leave Hank alone with Craig or Alexa. Then on the night that Alicia and ted re-marry, candi discovers that she is pregnant with her and Jasper's first child. Shortly after she discovers her pregnancy she travesl to the Far East with Derwood on a "story." Jasper is then forced to watch his son and, step-daughter, while dealing with Hank, who then begins a relationship with Cassidy. Upon her return, Candi goes into labor and, gives birth to a daughter, Viviane "Vivi" Centowski.

Then, when Janet marries Blake Dasani, Jasper tries to warn Janet to be careful about Blake's reputation around town and, he adamantly refuses to allow Craig (now a teenager) to be around Blake. Janet and Cassidy are then kidnapped by Blake and Hank and, held hostage. Blake then reveals that he plans on killing Janet and Cassidy as a sacrafice to his God and, to hurt Jasper. When asked why, Blake reveals that he is Jasper's half-brother. Hank (now a follower of Blake's) then snaps out of his trance and, asks what Blake means. Blake reveals that Wilma had a brief relationship with Blake's father, Kellan, before she met Hank and, they had a son (Blake). However, she left him to be raised by Kellan who abused him. Then Hank attacks Blake as Cassidy and Janet free themselves. Cassidy arrests Blake for the attempted murders of Ben, Marylin and, the kidnapping of her and Janet. Alas, Hank dies as a result of his injuries from the fight. Janet divorces Blake and, informs Jasper of his relation to Blake. However,she doesn't mention that Blake also plans to go after Candi one day... if he ever escapes. Following this candi and Jasper decided to devote a greta deal of time on their family and, soon Candi becomes pregnant yet again but, with the good news comes the bad and, they are infomred that amanda has married Blake and, that he has been released from jail. This prompts Janet to return and, warn the Centowski clan that Blake is after them, Janet then takes Vivi, Alexa and Craig for a while to ensure their safety as Candi and Jasper unite to stop Amanda and Blake.

Soon though Mae's memory returns and she ID's Blake as her attacker, causing him to flee to his old hideout but tells Amanda any betraying will result in the death of both her daughter, Cara, and love, Derwood. So Amanda withholds where Blake is hiding even after both Candi and Jasper plead with her to tell the police. However, Amanda soon realizes that she has proctored a deal with a mad man and when she realizes that her actions could cost someone their life she sets out to bring Blake to justice but is unable to reach anyone as they are all at Winston and Mary Ann's wedding. Though both Jasper and Candi planned to attend the wedding Blake phones Jasper telling him he has kidnapped Cassidy and is holding her hostage at the beach. While Jasper leaves a very pregnant Candi to confront his brother, Blake surprises Candi and viciously attacks her, leaving her for dead. Meanwhile, Blake awaits Jasper's arrival at the beach where it is revealed Cassidy is safe at home with Richard and Nick. Blake and Jasper engage in a confrontation where Blake blames Jasper for stealing the life he was supposed to have and coldly reveals that it was he who killed Wilma after informing her that he was her son, she rejected him destroying his last pillar of humanity and he killed her. He then tells Jasper what he did to Candi and that his mother, brother and children will be next. As Jasper attempts to flee to secure his family he and Blake engage in a fight that leads into the water.

Meanwhile, Amanda gets a hold of Derwood and they come across Candi who lay dying. Though it takes some convincing from Derwood, Amanda ultimately comes to her arch enemies aid and in her hour of need she saves Candi's life. As Candi goes into labor after being revived, Derwood escorts her to the hospital while Amanda goes in search of Blake and Jasper. She encounters the two at the beach but is too late as she witnesses them plunge beneath the waves only form them to no re-surface, leading to both Jasper and Blake being presumed dead. Though Jasper's death devastates numerous people throughout town it proves as a turning point for Amanda who realizes that her revenge schemes have cost a woman the love of her life and four children their father. Candi gives birth to twins, Holden and Francine and Amanda delivers the news of Jasper's death to Candi who declares that it is what Amanda has always wanted but she declares she only wishes to see Candi un-happy not in misery and the two for a truce, albeit tentatively. However, Jasper's death would lead Amanda and Derwood back to each other and bring Cassidy back to town to mourn her son.


Jasper has been married four times, to three women.

  • Candi Cabot (divorced/dissolved) - Jasper was presumed dead.
  • Nell Hayes (divorced) - Jasper was amnesiac when he married Nell.
  • Amy Myers (divorced) - Blackmailed by her ex-husband, Xander.
  • Amy Myers (divorced) - Realized they rushed into marriage.
  • Skye Sommers (divorced) - Jasper was still in love with Candi.
  • Candi Cabot Centowski (married)

Jasper has six children, and one step-daughter.

  • Craig Brigham (son) - With Janet.
  • Vivi Centowski (daughter) - With Candi.
  • Holden Centowski (son) - With Candi, Francine's twin.
  • Francine Centowski (daughter) - With Candi, Holden's twin.
  • Serena Sommers (daughter) - With Skye.
  • Alexa Cabot (step-daughter) - From Candi's romance with James.

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