James Knight is a man who almost everyone in the neighbourhood has heard of.

Life leading up to The Sims 2

James has 8 kids and has had 2 different wives. He still doesn't forgive himself of Donte's death.

Life leading up to The Sims 3

James is a child and lives with older brother Sam and his mum and dad. He has a crush on next-door neighbour Michelle Windass.

James Knight
Hi! My name is James Knight!
Name James Knight
Gender Male
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Family

Parents Graham Knight (deceased), June Knight (deceased)
Sibling(s) Sam Knight
Spouse(s) Julie Knight
Child(ren) Rob Knight, Nick Knight, Glad Rickard, Jake Knight, Ruth Knight (adopted), Donte Knight (adopted and deceased), Katie Knight (adopted), Ellie Knight (adopted)

Neighborhood Waterfall Meadows
The Knight Family
Jim - Doris - Graham - June - Sam - James - Rob - Nick - Jake - Ruth - Donte - Katie - Ellie - Becky - Lucy - Jennifer - Rose - Steve - Annie

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