Jack Ruby

Name: Jack Ruby
Gender: Male


Spouse: Amalia

The Sims 2

Age: Adult
Life State: Human
Aspiration: Popularity
Sign: Leo

Status: Deceased
Neighborhood: Strangetown

(This artical is about the Sim. You may be looking for the real life man.)

Jack Ruby was the husbend of Amalia, the darkness of her past, and a mass muderer. His real name is Maxalia, and has changed his name to Jack Ruby to trick people into knowing he is real. Jack Ruby was created from the darkness of Amalia's past and has taken the form of her lover (even the face painting is there). He thretened Amalia that if she did not marry him, she, her lover and everyone conected to her heart will be killed. Amalia married him, but he vanished. Amalia ran to find her lover again, but what happened to her is unknown. Most think Jack Ruby killed her.

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