Set 1

In the first set Jack is divorced from Kendra's mother, Ruth. He has been seeing Agnes Spread secretly even when she was still living with her now ex-boyfriend, Gregg Chalk. He quickly protests his daughter's engagement to Eli Bear. Later at the rehersal dinner He and Agnes announce that she is pregnant with his child. When Kenra leaves Eli at the altar for Andre, Jack and Agnes decide not to waste the wedding and get married instead.

Set 2

In the second set Agnes goes into labor and gives birth to a daughter that they name Elsie. He at first neglects his parental duties but later makes up for it. He becomes a grand-father when Kendra has his grand-son, Guy. He and Agnes then throw a party for Elsie as she becomes a toddlar.

Set 3

In the third set Agnes awake one morning to discover that Jack has passed away, leaving her a widow and single mother.

Jack Copper
Hi! My name is Jack Copper!
Name Jack Copper
Gender Male
Life stage Elder
Sign Aries

Spouse(s) Ruth Wren (ex-wife)
Agnes Copper (wife)
Child(ren) Kendra Copper (daughter)
Elsie Copper (daughter)
Floyd Rebuff (son)

Neighborhood Ribbon Heights

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