The Ismay Family is the most populor family in Titanaville. The family contains of Fauna Ismay (also known as the boss), his lovely young wife Flora (known as the boss's wife to many Sims) and their four daughters: Fiona, Amber, Lill and Velma. Their names refer to something, such as the family name was the surname of J. Bruce Ismay, who owned the Titanic.


In the begining of the story, Fauna's mother passes away and allows her son and his family to live in her cottage on Basch Street. At that point, Flora was pregnant with Amber, and Fiona was just a toddler. Straght after they moved there, Flora gave birth to Amber. Fiona soon went to school, where she became fasenated with heavy metal and goth. Another student, Ta-lej Larisa, became friends with her. Shortly after Amber started school, Flora gave birth again to twin girls Lilian and Velma. She had to go through a C-Section to have them both. After she recoverd, she went back to work as a drug-finder at the docks (she took science). Fauna owns a bank and has someone to do the cooking, another as a maid, and once had a nanny until all the children were going to school. Fiona is at the moment just a day away from teenager, Amber is doing great at school, and the twins have began school.

Family Members

Sims 3

As soon as creating new towns is avalibal on Sims 3, the Ismay family will be recreated. Flora and Fauna will be elders and watching over their last born child and only son: Tracie. Fiona will be a Young Adult and is to be married to an unknown male. Amber, Lil and Velma will be teenagers and looking for future loves.

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