Iris Dexter is a toddler Sim from Bridgeport. She is a bit of a klutz and stays mostly to herself. She wonders why her eyes are a dark crimson, as her father's are blue and her mother's, lilac.


Iris's parents are Lucillia and Cory Dexter, and she has one sibling, Beegee. Her creator is User:ArchitectintheMaking.

Teenage Years

As a teenager, Iris went out with her roomate, Alain Lefebvre. She and Alain went with Iris' brother moved out.

Iris Dexter
Name Iris Dexter
Gender Female
Life State Normal
Life stage Toddler
Sign Virgo
Lifetime Wish N/A

Parents Lucillia and Cory Dexter
Sibling(s) Beegee Dexter
Spouse(s) Single

Neighborhood Bridgeport

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