Ipse Fallen
Hi! My name is Ipse Fallen!

Name: Ipse Fallen
Gender: Female

The Fallen Family

Parents: Senex Fallen, Genesis Fallen (both deceased)
Siblings: Veteris Fallen (deceased)
Spouse: None
Child(ren): None

The Sims 3

Life stage: Teen (later Young Adult)
Life state: Human
Traits: Mooch, Natural Cook, Hopeless Romantic, Light Sleeper (later Insane)
Favorites: Music:Latin - Food:Cookies - Colour:Black

Status: Deceased
Neighborhood: Riverview (later Veronaville)

Ipse Fallen was the older sister of the xenophobic Veteris Fallen. Ipse was always distant from her family, preferring to stay in her room and read romance novels. She didn't see what was so appealing about business and money the way her parents did. When Genesis died a few days before Ipse aged up, Ipse began to 'deteriorate'.

She aged up badly, and gained the insane trait. She then moved to a town down the river, Veronaville, where she lived for a few years, continuing to go mad, until, one night, she disappeared. Authourities searched both town, but there was no success, and Ipse is assumed to be dead.

The Fallen Family
Senex and Genesis
Veteris and Amare, Ipse
Caelum and Hira, Kerah, Anima and Heather
Fortuna, Spirare, and Santana

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