Ida Rebuff is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. She is the eldest daughter of Floyd Rebuff and Gillian De Raisx. In the original series she is a recurring character.

Set 5

Ida is born in the middle of the fifth set. She is thought to be the daughter of Gillian and her first husband Raj Almaszidah. However, after her birth it is revealed that Floyd is the father. Apparently he and Gillian had engaged in an affair before the start of the fifth set, resulting in the pregnancy.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Ida is attending many political events as her father runs for Mayor. She is labeled a bastard child by may and Kline and when Floyd is running he and Gillian are not married and were not married when Gillian gave birth. In the end Floyd becomes mayor and Ida becomes the first daughter of Ribbon Heights.

Set 7

In the sevetnh set, Ida is simply a child being raised by her parents. She is upset when she learns that Gillian has the insane trait. When Floyd learns that Gillian has been taking Ida to see her grand-mother, Cybill. He is upset but agrees with Norma's death she needs a grand-mother and permits the visits, as long as he is also present.

Set 8

In the eight set, Ida watches as her mother's sanity begins to crumble. She is sadened when everyone agrees that Gillian should go away and seek help. She is excited when she learns that Floyd and Kendra Copper are actually half-siblings. Making her a cousin to Guy Sharp and Gal Sharp.

Set 9

In the ninth set, 2 years later, Ida is elated to see her mother return to town. However she quickly notices her in her catatonic state. Ida hated it when her parents divorced and her father re-married to Addie Van Wyck. However, she is happy when they divorce and her paretns get back together. She also helps her father in solving the Gillian mystery.

Set 10

In the tenth set, Ida voices her concern about her, now cured, mother being pregnant so late in life. None the less she is elated when her sister, Iris is born in the series finale.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0, 10 years later, Ida is now a young adult. She has also been updated to a regular character.

Set 1

In the first set, Ida is single and living on her own. However, when George F. arrives in town they quickly become an item. Her father, Floyd, then announces he will be going back into politics, Ida voices her concern as she always hated the spotlight. Floyd is re-elected and becomes Mayor again. Adia Faison attempts to warn Ida that George is dangerous. Ida doesn't heed her warning and finds out for herlsef, when George shoves her to the ground during a fight. She then dumps him.

Set 2

In the second set, Ida begins dating Lyle Judd, the son of Ptrice, her father's late ex-girlfriend. Years ago Ida's mother, Gillian was a suspect in the burning down of their home. The arsonist was never caught despite the fact that Gillian said she never did it. However, Floyd suspects that Lyle has an alterior motive for coming back to Ribbon Heights. Carlton Chalk, joins Floyd in the investigation. They warn Ida again and again to no avail. She is shocked when Lyle tells her that Floyd offered him money to leave her and town. Lyle begins turning Floyd's family against him. Lyle then asks Gillian to marry him, she accepts... but isn't too excited. Floyd then catches her sneaking around late one night and begins suspecting she is in on the secret.

Ida Rebuff
Hi! My name is Ida Rebuff!
Name Ida Rebuff
Gender Female
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Jack Copper (grand-father; deceased)
Norma Rebuff (grand-mother; deceased)
Orson De Raisx (grand-father; deceased)
Cybill De Raisx (grand-mother; deceased)
Marnie Urschel (aunt)
Kendra Sharp (aunt)
Elsie Onassiser (aunt)
Floyd Rebuff (father)
Gillian Rebuff (mother)
Sibling(s) Iris Rebuff (sister)
Guy Sharp (cousin)
Gal Sharp (cousin)
Tricia Urschel (cousin)
Tabitha Urschel (cousin)
Chet Onassiser (cousin)
Spouse(s) George Faison (ex-boyfriend)
Lyle Judd (fiance; deceased)

Neighborhood Ribbon Heights

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