Hira Chandler has made a vast fortune on her own as a lawyer. She first met her husband Caelum on a blind-date set up by Caelum's father Veteris at the restaurant Londoste, owned by Hira's father. They're relationship soared, based off of their mutual love of riches. Hira disliked the fact that a Vampiress had moved in just as much as the rest of the family, but when her brother-in-law Anima became one too, it was too much. Hira quickly became enemies with Contessa Heather. One night, a week after the Vampires had been driven out, Hira and Caelum decided to have a child. Just as they finished concieving their baby, Caelum got a phone call from the hospital. Veteris had died from a blood clot. Hira tried her best to cheer Caelum up, but the only thing that eventually brightened his mood was the birth of Hira's son Santana. Hira and her immediate family live alone in the huge Fallen mansion.
Hira Fallen
Hi! My name is Hira Fallen!
Name Hira Fallen
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Fortune
Sign Scorpio

The Fallen Family
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) Kerah Chandler
Spouse(s) Caelum Fallen
Child(ren) Santana Fallen

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs
The Fallen Family
Senex and Genesis
Veteris and Amare, Ipse
Caelum and Hira, Kerah, Anima and Heather
Fortuna, Spirare, and Santana

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