Harper Schwann (nee Alder) was a sim in the town of Pineview. She didnt appear until The Next Generation storylines. She appears as the second wife of Davis Schwann, who had left town after Valerie Youth rejected his proposal for Darwin's. She is the mother to Davis's fourth child. A son named Percy. At first it appears Davis has changed and that he and Harper have a happy marriage.However, Davis is soon caught flirting with another female sim. Harper quickly confronts Davis about this and leaves him. SHe then leaves Pineview but she also leaves Percy behind with Davis.

Generation 03

Harper isn't seen again until the Generation 03 stories. It is revealed that she had had a past relationship with Rhett Yellow and together they had a daughter, Jan Alder. She returns to pay her respects to her late daughter and to re-connect with her son, Percy. When she meets Davis's newest wife, Emma-Lee Schwann, she has suspicious thoughts about her.

Harper only remains in Pineview for a short while, Davis proposes an affair with her, which she coldly rejects. This time however, she takes Percy with her as they move to Clariville...


Harper and Percy arrive in Clariville, then run into Dahlia Alido and the Othel's...

Harper Schwann
Hi! My name is Harper Schwann!
Name Harper Schwann
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Sign Libra

Spouse(s) Davis Schwann (ex-husband)
Rhett Yellow (ex-lover)
Child(ren) Percy Schwann (son)
Jan Alder (daughter; deceased)

Neighborhood Pineview

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