Hans Ulter was a sim in the town of Pineview. He didn't ppear until The Next Generation story-lines. He soon becomes involved with the Elder age and twice divorced Bonnie Rossim. However, when Bonnie's first ex-husband, Cal Scroll returns to Pinevie she and Cal engage behind Hans (and Anita's) backs. Eventually Hans proposes to Bonnie nd she accepts. This is what causes Bonnie's other ex-husband, and true love Ken Rossim to propose to his girlfriend at the time Suzie Alido. When Hans and Bonnie's wedding day comes, Hans freaks out and in the end winds up leaving Bonnie at the altar. Ken then rushes to Bonnie's side, they share a kiss, and they re-marry there on the spot. Hans then leaves town. He returns later, as an adult, to pay his respects to Bonnie who is now deceased. He runs into Sigrid Wilt and they begin to date. They share a whirl-wind romance leading to him proposing, they elope that evening. They then fnd a place of their own and with Ulvar in tow they begin their life as a family. When the day comes for Faline's birthday party Sigrid discovers she is pregnant...(CLiff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that he and Sigrid have had a son, Karre. They have begun having marital problems. And when Sigrid's borther, Ljot is dropped off by Annabel as she leaves town, it only makes matters worse, causing Hans and Sigrid to divorce. Hans and Karre move-out. He is saddened when he learns Sigrid has resurected Zed, her true love. When he learns that Sigird has re-married to Zed and had another child. His jealousy consumes him. He then tells her he is taking Karre and leaving Pineview. Sigrid tries all she can to keep Karre. Hans then tells her that she doesn't really love Karre as she has a new family.

Sigird tells Hans she loves Karre just as much as Ulvar and Annie. Hans then tells her that he and Karre will be leaving soon and there is nothing she can do about it. However, Hans dies shortly after. He has the clumsy trait and when he eats some poorly cooked food he chokes to death. No one was around to save him in time.

Hans Ulter
Name Hans Ulter
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Sign Aries

Spouse(s) Bonnie Rossim (ex-fiancee; deceased)
Sigrid Wilt (ex-wife)
Child(ren) Karre Ulter (son)

Neighborhood Pineview

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