Guy Sharp is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. He is the son of Kendra Copper and Andre Sharp. He is the older brother of Gal Sharp. He is a recurring character in the original series.

Set 2

Guy first appears when he is born in the second set to Kendra and Andre. However, after his birth, his parents marriage quickly dissolves. They divorce in the set finale as Kendra succumbs to her caffeine addiction. She abandons Guy at a wedding where Wendy comes to his aid and nurses him until Kendra returns.

Set 3

In the third set, Guy becomes the center of many arguments between his now divorced parents. He is ultimately given to Andre who then takes him and leaves town.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Kendra pleads Andre to return and bring her son with him. He does and they move back. Kendra and Andre then agree upon joint custody of Guy. He is given a step-father during his mother's brief re-marriage to Vladamir Color, until his death.

Set 5

In the fifth set, 5 years later, Guy's family is reunited when Kendra and Andre re-marry. His mother becomes pregnant for a second time and eventually gives birth to his sister, Gal.

Set 6

in the sixth set, Guy is not prevelent or mentioned much. He just goes to school and is a functional boy.

Set 7

In the seventh set, Guy is once again not seen much. He simply attends school and neighborhood functions.

Set 8

In the eighth set, Guy, now a teenager, goes through many problems but ultimately continues to be a model son. he is shocked upon the discovery that his mither and Floyd Rebuff are actually half-sibling. He is, however, excited to have a new uncle.

Set 9

In the ninth set, 2 years later, Guy is now a young adult and desires to move out of his parents home. However, Kendra refuses. Guy eventually moves out anyway and when his parents demand he come back home, he cuts them out of his life. After talking to Gal, he reconsiders and they reconcile but he remians moved out. When Kline and Karina return to town, Guy and Karina begin dating and he announces his plans to marry her. However, at Kline and Roberta's wedding Karina dumps him.

Set 10

In the tenth set, Guy and Karina announce their engagement as they reconciled. Though initally hesitant all their parents (except the deceased May) celebrate the wedding. They plan and in the original series finale, they marry. They then move far away with Kline and Roberta to start their lives.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0, which is set 10 years later, Guy and Karina return in the opening still married and now adults but with no children. He is now a regular.

Set 1

In the first set, Guy and karina Sharp return to Ribbon Heights. They are now adults and have no children. Upon their return to the neighborhood, Kendra begins pushing the idea of having children. Guy and Karina initially resist. Kendra suspects they are hiding a secret. Guy and Karina then reveal they had adopted a child, a son. However, the boy's mother decided she wanted him back and Guy and Karina were left heart broken. After some serious debate they decide to have a baby, biologically. Karina soon becomes pregnant. She eventually gives birth to a daughter, Myra. Kendra begins spending too much time at Guy and Karina's this leads to a nasty confrontation. However, mother and son reconcile again. Guy and Karina then decide to take Myra and themselves on a vacation.

Set 2

In the second set, 2 months later, Guy and Karina, along with Myra return from their extended vacation. Upon their return they discover a teenage boy has been living in their home. The boy, Terry, is now a teenager and their former adopted son. Teryy informs them that his mother has died. Karina and Guy then re-adopt Terry and are a family reunited. However Kendra, afraid Terry will break their hearts again, tells him he better stay or else. When Terry tells Guy and Karina this they shit Kendra out for good.

Guy Sharp
Hi! My name is Guy Sharp!
Name Guy Sharp
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Ilyse Sharp (grand-mother; deceased)
Jack Copper (grand-father; deceased)
Ruth Bear (grand-mother; deceased)
Elsie Onassiser (aunt)
Floyd Rebuff (uncle)
Andre Sharp (father)
Kendra Sharp (mother)
Sibling(s) Gal Sharp (sister)
Chet Onassiser (cousin)
Ida Rebuff (cousin)
Iris Rebuff (cousin)
Spouse(s) Karina Sharp (wife)
Child(ren) Terry Sharp (adoptive son)
Myra Sharp (daughter)
Eleanora Sharp (adoptive daughter)

Neighborhood Ribbon Heights

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