Gregg Chalk and Maxwell "Max" Lord, are a super-couple in the Ribbon Heights series.

Gregg and Max meet sometime when Gregg briefly leaves Ribbon Heights for a while to see his parents. Though it is not reavealed until later, they engaged in a brief and failed relationship. At the time it was common thought that Gregg was straight as he dated women like Agnes Spread. After he returns to Ribbon Heights, so does Max, which makes Gregg un-easy and nervous. Max manages to catch Gregg's afection again even though he is dating a woman named, Wednesday Chapelton. One evening while Gregg and Max are talking they kiss and May discovers their secret. She then decides to use this knowledge against Gregg to break Derek and Wendy up.

Gregg tells Wendy to go see Derek, just as May attempts to seduce him, resulting in their break up. Gregg is left guilt ridden and scared. When Wednesday tragically dies he is free, but keeps his homosexuality a secret. Wendy then un-covers Gregg's secret and promises to keep the secret, but she also pressures him to be honest. When the time comes Gregg reveals his secret to his friends, by kissing Max. Everyone becomes extremely supportive of their relationship. Max then tells Gregg that he needs to come out to his parents, Bernard and Reno. Max then invites them to town and Gregg ultimately comes out to them.

Reno becomes supportive whereas Bernard is ashamed of his son. Reno then separates from Bernard. Gregg blames Max for his parents problems and claims that he is the cause of their un-happiness and they spilt briefly. Overtime Bernard comes to terms with Gregg's sexuality and he and Reno reconcile. Gregg and Max then reconcile. When Max's sister, Maci, comes to town for a visit Gregg is shocked when he learns that Max has never come out to his mother, Gertrude. Gertrude then comes to town and Max is mad with Gregg but comes out to his mother as well. Her response is similar to Bernards and she leave sin utter disgust at her son.

Gregg and Max hen decide all they need is each other as they love each other. They then decide to commit to each other and have a ceremony. Max is saddened when he learns that Gertrude will not attend. When their wedding day arrives Reno and Bernard suprise Max with Gertrude who has come around and is happy for Max. Max and Gregg then marry in a flawless ceremony, with all their friends and family there. After the wedding Gregg tells Max that he would like to adopt a child and become a family. Max tells Gregg that he feels they are just not ready for children, yet. Gregg promises to be patient.

After noticing the way Gregg looks at parents with their children, Max comes around and they decide to adopt a child. They recieve a daughter, Neve. However, since they are gay they seem to recieve extra supervision by the social worker and take extra steps to appear like an over-loving family. Neve is almost taken from them when she is accidentally left home alone for a brief period of time. After they settle into family life and garner a routine, Max's sister Maci decides to move in and stay with them for a while.

When the stories resume, five years later, it is revealed that Gregg and Max are still together and raising Neve and Maci has become engaged to Floyd Rebuff. However, everytime Gregg mentions the wedding to Max he doesn't seem to care about it. When he is asked why by Gregg he reveals that Maci is actually a con-artist and becomes engaged to men and then takes them for all their worth days before the wedding and skips town. Gregg is shocked that Max would allow this to happen to Floyd. Max asks Gregg not to say anything but he does warn Floyd. After a greta deal of arguing Gregg and Max decide to separate.

Though their separation damages their relationship deeply, Gregg decides to explore his possibilities while separated and begins to see another man named, Oliver Sure. While taking Neve for a walk Max sees Oliver and Gregg together and becomes emotional. He later confronts Gregg about the matter and he explains that while separated they are allowed to date. It then begins to appear that Gregg and Max are finished as they both begin new romances. However, Neve continues to tie them together and she becomes caught in the middle of their many arguments. While regaling this tale to Oliver he suggests that Gregg and Max officially divorce, something they refuse to do.

After Maci married Jonah Weller, Gregg and Max recognize their true feelings for each other and reconcile. Max and Gregg sahre a happy reunion along with their daughter. They then recieve a rude awakening when a woman named Darla Arbor comes to Ribbon Heights and is revealed to be the biological mother of Neve. She demands she get her daughter back, to Gregg and Max's rejection. She attempts legal action but loses and is forced to let her daughter be. However, Max and Gregg one day discover that Neve was kidnapped from school by Darla. Once the police are called she is apprehended and Neve is returned.

Gregg and Max then begin to have second thoughts and begin to consider allowing Darla to be in Neve's life. After all she is her mother and Neve could use a woman in her life. Darla is elated to be allowed in to Neve's life, as long as Gregg and/or Max supervise her visits. When Darls becomes fed up with in house visits she asks if she can take her out one evening. Gregg and Max allow her to as long as Ivan Jule, Wendy's brother and then boyfriend, is present. She agrees. After Darla and Ivan break up, she leaves town but promises ti visit her daughter. Gregg then recives word that his parents are divorcing... again. He leaves to go fix their problems.

While trying to help his parents it is revealed that Gregg has a brother, thet he has never known or met. His parents eventually reconcile again but Gregg then leaves in search of his brother, with Max's help. Ronald "Ron" Chalk is revealed to be Gregg's brother. He brings him and his family: wife Camille and children Carlton, Cari and Cain, to town. Is is soon hinted that Ron has a dark past and it is eventually revealed that Ron has the evil trait and that he blackmailed Cam into marrying him and ahving kids after killing her sister, Jennifer. He then tries to kill then entire Chalk family by setting Gregg and Max's home on fire.

When the stories resume two years after the fire, it is revealed that Gregg and Max, along with Neve, Carlton, Cari and Cain as did Ron who was sent away. Reno, Bernard and Cam were not so lucky and perished in the blaze. Max and Gregg then take in Ron's kids and raise them as their own. They have some intial sturggle and hire a nanny, Roberta. Ron soon breaks out of his holdings and kidnaps his children as well as Neve, again. They are soon returned and Ron is taken away again. Max and Gregg then lose Roberta when she marries Kline Urschel and leaves, They are forced to actually care for all four kids. They come to terms with it and embrace their un-usual families.

When Neve becomes a young adule and falls pregnant by Alton Siddle, Gregg and Max (as well as Derek and Wendy) assume a wedding will take place. Neve tells her father's she doesn't love Alton and that it was just a fling but they are having the child together. Though it is difficult for them to accept it, they do. The final scene of them is Gregg and Max, now Elders, cuddling on their couch.


In the spin-off, ten years later, it is revealed that Max has passed away but Gregg lives on. He runs into his ex, Oliver. They resume their relationship and Gregg re-married to him. Neve is mad with Gregg but comes around. Gregg and Max have two grand-children by Neve, Roeper and Maxine, both with Alton who Neve later married. Gregg dies later in the spin-off and Oliver leaves town.

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