Gregg Chalk
Gregg Chalk




Young Adult/Adult/Elder






Bernard Chalk (father; deceased)
Reno Chalk (mother; deceased)


Ron Chalk (brother)


Maxwell Lord (husband; deceased)
Oliver Sure (husband)


Agnes Spread (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Wednesday Chapelton (ex-girlfriend; deceased)


Neve Lord-Chalk (adoptive daughter)


Gertrude Lord (mother-in-law; deceased)
Maci Lord-Weller (sister-in-law)
Alton Siddle (son-in-law)
Carlton Chalk (nephew)
Cari Chalk (niece)
Cain Chalk (nephew)
Camille Chalk (sister-in-law; deceased)
Roeper Siddle (grand-son)
Maxine Siddle (grand-daughter)


Gregg Chalk is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. He has been best friends with Derek, Wendy, Floyd and Kendra since childhood. He is the son of Bernard and Reno Chalk. He is a chef in training. He was dating a sim named Agnes Spread, they even lived together, but when the stories open they break up and he is kicked out of their home.

Set 1

In the first set Gregg and his live-in girlfriend, Agnes, break up and she throws him out of their home. Gregg tries to win her back and even asks her to marry him, she rejects his advances and his proposal. When he learns that Agnes is dating Kendra's father, Jack, he asks if she was seeing him while they were still dating, she was indeed. This sends Gregg over the edge as his relationship with Agnes was simply a lie. His parents, Bernard and Reno come to town and offer Gregg to come stay with them for a while. He is hesitant but later acceots their offer and goes home for a bit. He doesn't tell his friends he's leaving. He then returns for Kendra's wedding and tells everyone he met someone while away but it didn't work out.

Set 2

In the second set, Gregg meets Wednesday Chapelton at the hospital where Agnes delivers Elsie. The two soon strike up a relationship and begin dating. Their relationship soon hits a snag when an "olf friend" of Gregg's named Maxwell or "Max" comes to town. Gregg soon begins to spend more timw with Max than Wednesday and soon they end their relationship. Wednesday's house is then burned to the ground and she believes it's Max. Max believes that it is the new family in town, the Vitals. All thie time Gregg has been harboring a secret of his own that only Wendy knows about, later May finds out and uses Gregg to break Wendy and Derek up. He later confesses to Derek. Gregg's home is then soon burnt to the gournd and when Wednesday's home is re-built her home is burnt down again, this time with her inside. The Vital's arethenr evealed to be past patients of Gregg's father, Bernard, who is a therpist. They tried to get at him through Gregg. They are eventually arrested and Gregg then shows his firends his secret, he kisses Max and tells them he's gay.

Set 3

In the third set, Max makes Gregg tell his parents, Reno and Bernard, that he is gay. When he does reno isn't phased by it. However, Bernard is shocked and instantly disowns Gregg as his son. Reno then separates from Bernard and is apalled at how he could treat Gregg so badly. Reno then stays in Ribbon Heights for a while and begins dating a man much younger than her. Gregg is then upset with Max for making him do what he did but then thanks him, as it was something he had to do. Max's sister, Maci, comes to town and informs Gregg that Max has yet to come out to their mother Gertrude. Gregg then makes Max come out to her, like he did. Gertrude's response is identical to Bernards and she disowns Max. They two then decide to marry, with or without their parents. However, Maci and Reno then plead with Bernard and Gertude and they come to the ceremony and make up with their sons. Reno and Bernard then reconcile. Max and Gregg then marry.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Gregg and Max are now a happily married gay couple. They then begin to think about having children, via adoption. They both share their initial concerns about being parents and Max is intially hesitant about the idea and rejects it. gregg is persistent and thinks they would make great fathers. Max eventually comes around and they decide to adopt a child. They recieve a baby girl, that they name Neve. They find parenting to be extremely difficult but their love and devoutness as a family overcomes the stress and they find happiness in their newly adopted daughter.

Set 5

In the fifth set, 5 years later, Gregg and Max are still a happily married couple. They are still raising Neve. Max's sister, Maci is now engaged to Floyd Rebuff. However, whenever the wedding is mentioned around Max he gets upset. Gregg investigates and max reveals that Maci always gets engaged and then takes her fiance's for all their worth days before the wedding and splits town. Gregg is shocked by thtis and hurt that Max would allow this to happen to Floyd. They then decide to separate for a while and Gregg begins a shor romance with another man named Oliver. Max soon finds out and begins dating a man and the two constantly fight about who gets Neve. When the topic of a divorce comes up between Oliver and Gregg, he realizes he still loves Max and they reunite at Maci's weding to Jonah Weller.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Gregg and max have begun to pick up where they left off, as a family. However, their happiness is short lived when a woman named, Darla Arbor comes to their doorstep and informs them that she is Neve's biological mother and that she wants her back. Gregg and Max tell her no and to go away. However, Darla decides to remain in Ribbon Heights and get her daughter back. Gregg and max soon discover that she is dating Ivan Jule, Wendy's little brother. When they tell Ivan what she is doing to them he dumps her. Then to top it all off Jonah and Maci arrive in town, still on the run from the cops and the criminals. Max lets them stay with them, to Gregg's chargin. Gregg then tells Floyd, who is now the Mayor of Ribbon Heights. He decides to let it slode as Gregg and Max would lose Neve because they are aiding and a bedding. Maci and Jonah eventually flee. Darla then kidnaps Neve. Gregg and Max call the cops and they are soon reunited with their daughter. They then begin to wonder if maybe they should let Neve's mother be in her life.

Set 7

In the seventh set, Gregg and Max allow Darla to be in Neve's life... provided she doesn't kidnap her again. Darla agrees and is extremely gracious for allowing her to see her daughter. However, their plan sours when Darla begins coming over all the time and often un-announced. Causing for them to confront her, again. She appologizes and promises to call first. Eventually Darla tells them she wants to take Neve out, alone. They tell her she can only do so as long as her boyfriend and their friend, Ivan, is with her. She agrees. However, when ivan dumps her she tells them she is leaving town but will be back. Gregg then gets word from his parents as they announce their plans to divorce. Gregg then goes to see them and they all get into an argument in which reno annouces that Gregg has a long lost brother, Ron.

Set 8

In the eight set, Gregg, against his parents wishes finds his brother, Ron and brings him to town. In tow is Ron's wife, Camille and three children, Carlton, Cari and Cain. Shortly after his arrival Ron sems like a normal person and holds nothing against his parents, who arrive in town shortly after he does. Reno and Bernard, who have reconciled again, insist that Ron is bad and has done awful things. Gregg insists he is good, until he sees Ron get violnet with Cam one afternoon, when questioned Cam keeps quiet. Eventually Gregg's belief turns to suspicion, jus as his parents come around and embrace Ron and their new grand-children. Gregg hosts a dinner hoping to envoke Ron's bad side, to no avail. He then holds a BBQ in the back yard, where everything is confessed. Reno and Bernard admit that Ron has the evil trait, but appears to have changed. Just them Cam breaks in a tells them that Ron is terrible and forced her to marry after he killed her sister, Jennifer, when she first refused. She married him so he would leave her other family alone. Just then Ron, locks the gats and doors and sets the backyard on fire, trapping everyone inside.

Set 9

In the ninth set, 2 years later, it is revealed that Camille, Reno and Bernard had died in the fire. Ron survived but was taken into custody. Gregg and Max are now forced to care for Carlton, Cari and Cain as well as Neve. They find that raising all the kids is a bit much and hire a nanny, Roberta. Neve is adament that it is weka and childish for them to have a nanny. Ron returns and kidnaps the kids, however, they are returned and he is arrested. Gregg and Max enjoy the stress-reliever. However, they realize Neve is right and end Roberta's services... after she marries Kline. Gregg and Max then watch as Neve ages into a young adult.

Set 10

In the tenth set, Gregg learns that Neve has fallen pregnant by Alton Siddle and begins planning their wedding. He and Max are then suprised when Neve and Alton annouce they won't be marrying as they don't love each other. Though Gregg and Max are against this they embrace their strange and unusual family. He and Max age into elders. The series ends with them being seen on their couch, kissing.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0, 10 years later, Gregg is now a recurring character.

Set 1

In the first set, Gregg is revelaed to be the other grand-father of Neve and Alton's child, Roeper. Max has died over the 10 year leap. Calrton is now a young adult and left Gregg's home. Cari is a teenager and Cain is a child. Gregg then begins seeing his old-flame, Oliver. Neve is upset by this. However, Gregg and Oliver then have a commitment ceremony and marry, Neve attends but leaves mad. She later comes around and gets to know Oliver.

Set 2

In the second set, Gregg is much less prominent. He attends Derek Siddle's funeral. He is seen comforting Wendy.

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