Glen Space is one of the main characters in The Space Family, stories. He is married to Calista and together they have two daughters, Alice and Corinne. He is also a grand-father.


In the beginning, Glen is a new resident to Nature Valley. He quickly gets an apartment in town and a job in law enforcement. However, he can barely cover the rent and decides to get a roomate. He then decides that Calista Fuhs would be the ideal roommate. The two get along well and over time fall in love. Glen and Calista have a short romance and they marry soon after falling in love. After their wedding Calista becomes pregnanat with the couple's first child, Alice. After she gives birth to Alice they try to maintain living in the apartment but it is too small for their growing family.

Glen and Calista then buy a house out in the suburbs. Shortly after they settle into a routine in their new home, Calista becomes pregnant again and eventually gives birth to their second child. Another daughter, Corinne, is born. Though at first they have difficulty paying the bills Glen clibs the corporate ladder and work and they begin paying off their deep debt. He and Calista go through a rough patch when she is fired from her job in the music indistry. She then decides to open up a pottery shop. Glen is hesitant but permits it to happen. Though vigilant, her business fails and Glen becomes the sole providor for the family.

He and Calista raise Alice and Corinne with little trouble. Both girls are exceedingly gifted; Alice with sewing and Corinne with music and dance. Though he doesn't like the idea of Alice dating he approves of her romance with Scot Greaves. When Alice becomes a young adult and she and Scot becomes engaged he is against it and tells her not to marry Scot. However, since it is Alice's dream he allows the union to exist. He and Calista age into Elders and recieve their first grand-child in the form of their grand-son, Oscar. He is happy when Corinne becomes engaged to Sterling Cooper. He is sorry for her when he dies in a fire and leaves her pregnant.

Glen and Calista recieve their second grand-son, Pierce, right before their grand-daughter, Mindy is born. After Alice and Scot divorce, due to his cheating, Glen makes it known how he despises him. However, since Alice and Scot's home was taken from them and they were living with Glen and Calista at the time Scot is allowed to remain living in their house after the dirvorce and when he re-marries and has twins with his new younger wife , Marion. Glen then supports Alice as she opens her new boutique. He also encourages both his daughters to get back in the dating pool after their relationships both end...

Glen Space
Name Glen Space
Gender Female
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Leo

Spouse(s) Calista Space (wife)
Child(ren) Alice Greaves (daughter)
Corinne Space (daughter)
Oscar Greaves (grand-son)
Mindy Greaves (grand-daughter)
Pierce Space (grand-son)

Neighborhood Ribbon Heights

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