Gladys Telfair and Beck Lillian are a super-couple in the Ribbon Heights and Ribbon Heights 2.0 series.

Gladys and Beck are first introduced when Paula Lillian, Beck's mother, moves to town. At the time Gladys is involved with Wilbur Kell, her third husband. Beck, at this time, is still a teenager and dating Elsie Copper. They have little contact but sometime during the two year leap between the eight and ninth sets in the original series, Beck ages into a young adult and he and Gladys fall in love and marry. Beck also adopts Gladys's adoptive sons, Reed and Regan Lillian. She had faked a pregnancy while with Wilbur and adopted Reed and Regan in attempt to save the marriage, when she told Wilbur the truth they divorced. Their marriage is harshly criticized, especially by Paula, which causes her and Gladys to have a falling out. Beck's sister, Billie Lillian, is just happy to be an aunt and that her brother is happy. Gladys even asks Beck if their significant age difference bothers him, he refutes such a thing and tells Gladys he will always love her, even after she ages into an elder and becomes old and grey.


In the spin-off, ten years later, it is revealed that Gladys and Beck are still happily married and that Regan and Reed have just turned into young adults. Beck has become an adult and after some serious talking Gladys and Paula finally mend their rift and Paula becomes happy with Beck's choices. Their love life does not fall under much drama. However, when Gladys becomes seriously attatched to new comer, Adia Faison, Beck, along with Adia becomes suspicious. When Paula moves back to Ribbon Heights and stays with Gladys and Beck, Gladys reveals to Paula a dark secret, which Beck overhears and he separates from Gladys.

Gladys is devestated by the separation and tries to explain to Beck, but he shuts her out. She eventually call a family metting, including Adia and Beck attends to hear Gladys's explanation. It is revealed that during the two year leap in the original series Gladys had a short lived affair with her ex-husband, Wilbur. This was before she met Beck, so she didn't cheat on him, but Wilbur cheated on his new wife Petunia. Their affair resulted in Gladys becomng pregnant and giving birth to a daughter, Adia. Since Wilbur and Petunia couldn't seem to get pregnant Gladys gave them Adia as she felt she couldn't raise another child.

After the revelation and the fact that it all happened before she and Beck fell in love they reconcile. Beck also welcomes Adia into their lives as a part of the family. He does feel bad that Gladys never shared her secret with him but he gets over it. Their marriage remains stable from then on. When Gladys's grand-daughter from Rupert, Tricia returns with her husband Pierre, she helps in the investigation. When they think Pierre may be dangerous, Beck is concerned for Gladys and her involvement. In the climax of the Pierre du Gard storyline, Gladys hosts a dinner party to trap him and suceeds. However, Pierre sets their home a blaze and Gladys along with Pierre are killed in the ensuing blaze, everyone else survives.

After Gladys's death Beck is deeply depressed. He snaps out of it when he begins to date Vera Castaway, but when he accidentally calls her Gladys she ends their engagement. Beck would then later leave Ribbon Heights and visit his sister and her family. It is revealed that while visiting them he met, fell in love and re-married to a woman named Gigi.

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