Gladys Lillian
Gladys as she appears in Ribbon Heights 2.0.






Social Club Chair-Person


Gladys Telfair (miaden name)
Gladys Barcroft (first married name)
Gladys Urschel (second married name)
Gladys Kell (third married name)
Gladys Lillian (fourth married name)


Basil Barcroft (ex-husband)
Kelvin Urschel (ex-husband; deceased)
Wilbur Kell (ex-husband)
Beck Lillian (husband)


Floyd Rebuff (ex-boyfriend)
Derek Siddle (ex-boyfriend)
Blane Ruster (ex-boyfriend)


Rupert Urschel (son)
Regan Lillian (adoptive son)
Reed Lillian (adoptive son)
Adia DuBois (daughter)


Paula Lillian (mother-in-law)
Billie Chalk (sister-in-law)
Marnie Urschel (daughter-in-law)
Gal Lillian (daughter-in-law)
Pru Lillian (daughter-in-law)
Harlon DuBois (son-in-law)
Tricia du Gard (grand-daughter)
Tabitha Urschel (grand-daughter)
Walden Lillian (grand-son)
Wallace Lillian (grand-son)
Harmony Lillian (grand-daughter)
Melody Lillian (grand-daughter)
Georgia DuBois (grand-daughter)


Gladys Lillian (nee Telfair, previosuly Barcroft, Urschel and Kell) is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. She is an old friends of Gregg, Kendra, Derek, Floyd and Wendy. She is the fourth set mystery.

Set 3

Gladys returns late in the third set. She is an old friend of Gregg, Wendy, Derek, Floyd and Kendra's. She reunites with her friends and quickly cathces up with them. She reveals that she has been married and divorced twice. She takes a special interest in Rupert Urschel, for some un-known reason.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Gladys becomes the center of the set's story arc. Her relationship with Rupert Urschel continues to grow. Kline later tells her to stay away. May then begins to probe her interest in the boy, whom she has never met. Gladys is revealed to be the high school ex-girlfriend of Floyd Rebuff. The two begin to grow closer and closer, even though he is in a relationship. Her first ex-husband soon arrives in town, Basil Barcroft. She reveals to Floyd that he was abusive causing her to leave, he has been following her since. When he asks about her second ex-husband, she changes the subject. She later reveals that she had to divorce her second husband or his safety, but she loved him. However, he died anyway. She begins a short romance with both Derek Siddle and Floyd Rebuff. But both fizzle out. Later she reveals that Basil used to be abusive towards her so she left him and married her second husband, but Basil was going to hurt him so she divorced him so he would be safe but Basil killed him in a fire set by him. She then reveals that she had a son with her second husband. She then tells that Kelvin Urschel was her second husband, making Rupert her son. Basil is then taken away after he tries to kill Gladys, Rupert, May and Karina. Gladys and Rupert then reunite.

Set 5

In the fifth set, 5 years later, Gladys has become part of the core group. Rupert is now living with her and they are as close as ever. He then pushes her into dating, which she rejects but then meets Blane Ruster and they begin dating. Gladys soon falls for him. She is shocked when Blane tells her that he never wants to have children. Gladys is upset by this but they move on, and in together. Gladys and Blane then fall deeply in love with each other. However, their bliss is short lived as a woman, Pepper Ruster, comes to Gladys's and tells her that she is Blane's wife and that she an dBlane are separated but not divorced. Glayds is then devestated and breaks up with Blane. She is heart broken but then becomes a partner along with Kendra and May in the investigation of Jonah Weller. She along with the grls esposes him as a crooked politician who works for ciminals. At Jonah and Maci's wedding she then meets someone who renews her interest is love, Wilbur Kell.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Gladys and Wilbur are blissfully in love. They continue dating and eventually become engaged. They endure small struggles planning their wedding but soon marry and live a happy life. However, by the end of the set Gladys notices that perhaps they rushed into things as Wilbur seems un-happy with his marriage to Gladys she thinks it is sdue to her age and that she doesn't want anymore children.

Set 7

In the seventh set, Gladys's son Rupert announces that he and his longtime girlfriend Marnie Siddle are expecting their first child. Gladys then invites them to remain in her and Wilbur's home during the pregnancy in hopes that it will stabelize their marriage. Her plan fails and Wilbur is clearly more upset after Marnie moves in. Just as he appears to ask for a divorce Gladys tells him she is pregnant, which is a lie. Gladys then forms a plan and gets her fellow girlfriends in on it: Kendra, Paula and Gillian. They agree that Gladys will gain weight to make it look like she is pregnant and when it comes time for the birth Gladys will have Floyd send Wilbur out of town. Gladys will lose the weight and they will adopt a baby and claim it to be Gladys's. The plan work, however, Gladys recieves twin boys and names them Reed and Regan. Her marriage appears to be saved but the guilt consumes her. In the set finale she confesses everything to Wilbur.

Set 8

In the eight set, one month later, Gladys and Wilbur have divorced. She is now raising Reed and Regan all on her own. It is revealed that Rupert and Marnie have married and that he is staying in town to help his mother cope with her divorce then he will join Marnie and Tricia, his daughter. He leaves and Gladys tries to do things on her own, but suffers a breakdown. Paula comes to her aide and she and Arsenio take the boys for a while. Gladys then re-groups. She runs into Wlbur who tells her he would like to make things work, she rejects him. She then takes to boys back from Paula and begins raising her children on her own, happily. However, she then considers leaving Ribbon Heights.

Set 9


Gladys as an Adult.

In the ninth set, 2 years later, Gladys is now raising toddler aged twins, Reed and Regan. She has also re-married to Beck Lillian, who is dramatically younger than her. This doesn't seem to bother either of them, but it resulted in a falling out with Paula, who has left town. Through out the set Beck and Gladys age difference becomes a problem however they proclaim their love and continue to be married. When Paula returns for a visit she and Gladys make up and she comes to terms with their marriage.

Set 10

In the tenth set, Gladys notices Charis Onassiser, coming on to Beck, who rejects her. He tells her that Charis only want his inheritance he will recieve when Paula dies that she obtained from Arsenio's death. The couple's age comes between them again. When Gladys becomes an Elder, she asks if Beck still likes her now that she is old and grey, he answers by kissing her in their front garden.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In '2.0, set 10 years later. Gladys is the only character from the original series to still hold a regular position.

Set 1

In the first set, Gladys and Beck are still married. She is an Elder and he is now and Adult. Reed and Regan have just become young adults and Reed has left the neoghborhood in search of adventure while Regan stayed behind. Gladys quickly becomes a mother figure to Adia Faison, who she knows is running from something. With Regan and Reed grown and moved out, she lets Adia stay with her and Beck for her safety. When George, someone from Adia's past, comes to their door Gladys shuts it in his face. Reed then comes to town for a visit, he quickly leaves. She later goes after Adia and reveals that she knew her secret all along and sympathizes with her as her situation is similar to her marriage to Basil, amongst other things...

Set 2

In the second set, Gladys continues to get closer to Adia. Adia eventually grows suspicious of Gladys's constant coddling of her and comes to believe it is just a phase as all her kids are grown and moved on. When Paula Lillian, moves back to Ribbon Heights, She reveals a secret to Paula that Beck overhears, confronts her about and they separate. Rupert and Regan try to figure out why they separated, to no avail. Eventually in the set finale, Gladys reveals to Rupert, Regan, Adia and Beck that, Adia is her daughter. She and her ex-husband, Wilbur had a brief affair after a chance encounter resulting in pregnancy. She gave birth to Adia between the set 8 and set 9 jump. She didn't want to raise another child and gave her to Wilbur and his new wife, Petunia to raise. She explains this all happened before she and Beck become involved, Beck then moves back and they reconcile. Regan and Rupert leave, shocked. Adia, then hugs Gladys and says she suspected something was up.

Set 3

In the third set, Gladys begins to bond with Adia as her daughter. She then allows Adia to move back into ther home so they can get to really know each other. When she does move back in Adia begins to date a man named Harlon DuBois, who is a wealthy land owner and un-known to Adia he is also doing dealings with the crooked Charis Onassiser. Eventually Adia discovers Harlons' doing and she dumps him. She then begins to realize that maybe she made a mistake dumping Alton and tells Gladys who decides to help her daughter formulate a plan to get Alton back. Their initial plan was to have Adia seduce Alton before he marries Neve and then claim to be pregnant and even if Adia didn't become Gladys tells her they can always do what she did years back to Wilbur. Their plan changes and Adia tries to seduce Alton, only to have him rebuff her and their plan is seemingly failed. However, Adia then interupts the wedding and claims that Alton forced himself on her. However, since she and Alton never did the deed she can't feign a pregnancy. Neve then runs off and Gladys appears visibly happy for her daughter... even though Alton wants nothing to do with Adia.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Gladys expresses her sorrow to Adia when her attempt to reunite with Alton fails. She then recieves a fun suprise when her grand-daughter, Tricia, returns with her husband, Pierre du Gard. However, Gladys's son, Rupert, begins to suspect that Pierre is hiding something that not even Tricia knows abut and shares his concerns with his mother, siblings and step-father. Gladys then vows to help her son and grand-daughter and ensure that everything is on the up and up. After some digging it is revealed that Pierre has a daughter, Eleanora, that Tricia didn't know about. Gladys goies and seeks the child out and brings her to town. She then plans to have Pierre confess at a dinner party. She is shocked when she also learns that Pierre is twice widowed. At the dinner party, Gladys brings Eleanora in and it freaks Pierre out and forces him to confess that he is gay, but ashamed of the matter. When his first wife, Paris, found out she had an affair which resulted in Eleanora's birth... making Pierre only her legal father. He then killed Paris and her lover, for fear of being outed, he then married Ivanna and she also discovered his homosexuality and then threatened to out him as well, so he killed her. He then married Tricia, who in fact loves him. When he killed Ivanna he made it look as if Eleanora died but sent her away instead as he couldn't kill a child. Then out of fear of beging outed or jailed Pierre sets the Lillian's house ablaze. Almost everyone makes it out, excepts Pierre and Gladys who held him in, ensuring he would die. After the fire Gregg Chalk, consoles Beck and tells him that he tried to tell Gladys that he thought Pierre might have been gay and that he tried to tell Gladys. Gladys is then buried and joins her other friends as a ghost, over looking the following generations.

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