Generation 03 will be third set of stories in the Pineview stories. The main characters will be the grand-children of the original Pineview inhabitants. The children of the original Pineview inhabitants will be downgraded as their stories come to a close like their parents. There is a fast forward of three years. This is the shorttest set of stories.

Generation 03-Housewives

Name Status
Martine Youth Alive
Muriel Quarren Alive
Sigrid Quarren Alive
Anya Wilt Alive
Nerissa Quest Alive
Faline Rossim Alive
Rosalyn Quarren Alive
Olga Todd Moved Away

Generation 03-Husbands

Name Status
Abel Wilt Alive
Jacque Schwann Alive
Johann Wilson Alive
Horatio Serd Deceased
Zed Quarren Alive
Percy Schwann Moved Away
Hans Ulter Deceased
Martin Quarren Alive
Roger Smithe Alive

Final Set

  • This will be the final set of stories in the Pineview Saga.

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