Gayle Gaywoman
Vital statistics
Title Mrs.
Gender Female
Life state Sim
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Health Good
Life stage Adult
Status Playable
Neighborhood Pleasantview

'Gayle Gaywoman' is an adult female in The Sims 2.


The Strange Case Of The Gaywoman Family detailed her early life in SimNation. It mentions how her parents were non-entities with no public record of ever being alive. Which is odd, since all Sims need to come from somewhere. She has admitted to remembering an early life with her family, - but any small talk about such a matter is never heard of. But, if her parents ever did exist, nobody knows how they died. There is no ern or grave, not even a ghost or death certificate. Which is why she was brought in during her toddler years in a social care home. It was during this period that all of her friends were girls and all of her enemies were boys. A mysterious case, indeed. Ageing into a child, all but one of her friends and enemies were adoopted and dissapeared out of her life completly. It was at this point in her life that she and her friend found a romantic relationship, even if keeping it a secret. For years they were able to cover up their newly found relationship until they were teens, - in which they finally came out into the public as romancing. This was really to bad, as later her girlfreind, Tina, was taken away to a juvinile prison for assault and underage WooHoo (with Gayle). Gayle had never felt so alone, and for the next five years, her mood dropped dramatically, from hottie - to lonely loser. And as life went on and the world turned, she managed to put her painful past behind her. Now mature as an adult, she was free from care and into the world. So, she moved in with her first roomates: Ossie Madison and Felicity Usher. Little did she know, her life was far from tragic... Turns out, Felicity was like her, too! One day, infact Ossie came to sit them down and ask if they were, as he had a feeling about it. With now tension between them, they were quick on the marrying, and even quicker on the moving out. New home: Shoreline Trails. And she had never been happier. She lived by the sea in the perfect house with the woman she loved, - but that all came crashing down one day. Having challenged the bully, Torin Namaste to a game a Foosball, she was running in to tell Felicity of her victory, when she saw Felicity and the manager of Shoreline Trails, Farah Moonbiscuit, kissing in the corner. She was too upset for words. Instead she moved back to Rockwell Acres with Ossie. The following night, Ossie came home from a trip out in his Nightlife, and informed her of what he had seen. Felcity and Farah had married and moved to a new house, Cliffside Retreat, where, Farah was having an affair with the owner, Isabella Monty. Farah had helped Isabella to commit suicide to escape the police. Felicity had run away to sea, aboard the HMS Amore. Farah meanwhile, had gone back to Shoreline Trails. So, Gayle lived with her best friend, Ossie Madsion at Rockwell Acres through the rest of her twilight years.

And in the end, Farah died in a fire at Shoreline Trails. The fire alarm hadn't sounded. Three days later, Troin was arrested, convicted and sentenced to jail for murder of Farah Moonbiscuit over the course of three weeks. Timmy Toole, former roomie of Gayle inherited Shoreline Trails and reopened it as a holiday camp "Toole's Holiday Camp". And when death came, Ossie and Gayle were there for each other. And, 'you know what? Since she met Felicity, she never remembered Tina. Not once. HUSBEND

Timmy Toole


  • First and only Sim not have any parents, since records began.


She has an Infatuation on Tv idol and poster boy Dr Ross Geller she also attended one of his gigs


Ossie Madison(brother) Felicity Usher (Sister)

See also

Timmy Toole PARENTS Mr and Mrs Gaywoman

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