Fortuna Fallen, despite her name, is the ill-fated daughter of Anima and Heather Fallen. When she was born, her mother was a Vampire, but her father was Human, meaning Fortuna is unstable. She had series of health issues directly related to this when she was born and through her first year. Concern for her united the degrading family, if only for a while. When her grandfather drugged her food with Vampirocilin, her Human half rejected the chemical, stabilizing her. However, she desires nothing more than completing herself, either as a human or vampire. The vampirocilin only works for so long, and when it wears off, Fortuna will destabilize, possibly making her condition worse than before or even killing her, which is why she desires completion so badly.
Etymology: Fortuna is Latin for 'fate' or 'fortune'.
Fortuna Fallen
Name Fortuna Fallen
Gender Female
Life State Human-Vampire Hybrid
Life stage Teen
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Virgo

The Fallen Family
Parents Anima Fallen, Contessa Heather Fallen
Sibling(s) Spirare Fallen
Spouse(s) None
Child(ren) None

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs
The Fallen Family
Senex and Genesis
Veteris and Amare, Ipse
Caelum and Hira, Kerah, Anima and Heather
Fortuna, Spirare, and Santana

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