Floyd Rebuff and Gillian De Raisx are a main super-couple in the Ribbon Heights series.

Floyd and Gillian first meet when Floyd's mother, Norma, begins dating Gillian's father, Orson. The two are introduced by their parents during a forced attendance dinner party. Though they are hesitant to meet their possible step-sibling they begin bonding over their similarities. At the time Floyd was dating a single mother named Patrice Judd. When Floyd and Patrice's relationship ends he asks Gillian out and they begin dating, their first date bing the failed wedding of Kendra Copper and Eli Bear. Floyd and Gillian quickly fall in love and when Floyd's mother has Steven Siddle move into her home she kicks Floyd out and he moves in with Gillian.

The couple then hit their first, of many, rifts in their relationship when Gillian becomes annoyed of Floyd's living habits. She throws him out but tells him she wants to continue dating but it was simply too soon for them to be living together. Gillian recieves a harty inheritance when her father, Orson, dies. Then her mother, Cybill, who was long thought to be dead arrives in town and quickly poisons Gillian aganst Floyd, who is convinced Cybill is no good. Over time, Cybill convinces Gillian to break up with Floyd, despite the fact that they still love each other. Floyd continues to poke around and discovers that Cybill is insane and tries to kill Gillian as a way to get her inheritance.

Floyd eventually stops Cybill from killing Gillian, after she is almost drowned in a pool and shocked. Cybill is then sent away and Floyd and Gillian are reunited, happily. They then begin dating happily again. When Gladys Telfair moves back to Ribbon Heights, it is revealed that she and Floyd dated back in high school and Floyd's old feelings for Gladys re-surface, sparking jealousy in Gillian. Though Floyd acknowledges that he only loves Gillian, she refuses to believe it. This leads Floyd to propose to Gillian, she accepts. However, when Gladys begins to date Derek Siddle, Floyd become sjealous and Gillian becomes fed up and dumps him. Floyd has a brief reunion with Gladys before he realizes his mistake. He professes his love for Gillian and asks her to marry him, again. She accepts and they happily begin their wedding plans as they head into the five year leap.

When the stories pick up, five years later it is revealed that Floyd and Gillian never married and in fact during the leap, broke up. It is then revealed that Gillian has married to a different man, named Raj Almaszidah. She is also pregnant. She is un-happy in her marriage with Raj but sticks it out when she becomes pregnant. However, when she gives birth to a daughter, Ida, it is revealed that Raj is not the father, but Floyd. They had engaged in a short lived affair right before the stories resumed and it resulted in her pregnancy. After this discovery Ida divorces Raj and begins to date Floyd, yet again.

Floyd and Gillian then begin to raise Ida together and become a family. When a vacant seat in the Mayor's office come sup Floyd decides to run and puts his family in the spot light. As the election kicks off he and Gillian are harshly criticized for having a child out of wed-lock by their opponets, Kline and May. Floyd and Gillian discuss the prospect of marrying, but feel it would look like a stunt during the election. However, Floyd and Gillian hit a tragic break when Norma dies, their rank sky rockets. Floyd and Gillian then win the election when May and her un-born child die and Kline pulls out. Floyd then asks Gillian to marry him, again. She acceots and after a great deal of planning they are finally married.

Their marriage remains happy and stable for a great deal of time until, Gillian discovers that like her mother she has the insaen trait. She becomes deeply depressed and fears for the safety of her husband and daughter as the erratic behavior manifests itself. Floyd does everything he can to break her of her depression and after she sets their home on fire they agree she needs help and she is sent away and Floyd vows to be with her forever... just as a young intern named Addia van Wyck begins working at City Hall with an eye on Floyd. When she begins hitting on him he rejects her advances.

When the stories resume two years later in the ninth set, it is revealed that Floyd had succumb to Addies passes and they embarked in an affair. As a result, he left Gillian and married Addie. However, when Gillian returns to town as is cured of her insane trait she appears comatose and numb. Floyd becomes worried as he still, secretly, still loves Gillian. Addie becomes jealous and after much arguing Floyd divorces her and looks into what has happened to Gillian. Floyd is then shocked when he learns that his ex-girlfriend, Patrice Judd and her former ex-husband Paul were killed in an arsonist house fire. He suspects Gillian.

After a harsh confrontation Gillian admits she had nothing to do with the fire and while she was away she had a mid-life crisis and rid herself of her insane trait. She admits she was so numbe because Floyd hurt her deeply when she was in a state of mental instability. Floyd infroms her of his divorce from Addie and his utter and complete love and devotion for her. Gillian and Floyd then reunite for the final time and re-marry. As the approach elder-hood, Gillian discovers she is pregnant for a second time by Floyd. Though there is concern for her health as she is a bit old to be having a baby she goes through with the pregnancy and eventually gives birth to a second daughter, Iris. The final scene of the original series is Floyd and Gillian watching Iris sleep in her crib as they age into Elders.


In the spin-off, set 10 years later, Floyd and Gillian are still married and raising a child age Iris. Ida has grown and moved out. Their relationship is tested during Ida's engagement to Lyle Judd, son of Patrice. Floyd is convinced that he is no good anymore. Gillian refuses to believe him but is proven wrong when Lyle tries to kill their family. They all live. She and Floyd also come to blows when Ida reveals she never loved Lyle and comes out as a lesbian. However, they overcome the matter. They pass away after the spin-off ends.

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