Florida Juice (nee Wilt) is a sim n the town of Pineview. She is born at the end of the G3 stories. Her mother is Chica Chung and her father is Norris Wilt. However, her father passes away shortly after her birth and days later her mother marries her step-father, Hollis Deli, whom helps raise Florida.

Pineview: Descendants

In the finale, 20 years later Florida has become a young adult and is married to a wealthy sim, Jerome Juice. However, due to his constant need to work she begins an affair with the gardner, Luc Arson.

Florida Juice
Name Florida Juice
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Cancer

Parents Esme Jugo (grand-mother; deceased)
Carl Chung (grand-father; deceased)
Lenore Yellow (aunt)
Lucille Yellow (aunt)
Chica Chung (mother)
Norris Wilt (father)
Hollis Deli (step-father)
Spouse(s) Jerome Juice (husband)
Luc Arson (lover)

Neighborhood Pineview

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