Florentina "Flo" Jugo and Gerald Jugo are a main super-couple in the original Pineview series.

In the beginning Flo and Gerald are already married. However, Gerald is always working and spends very little time at home with hos wife. Flo is also increasingly selfish at this point in her life. She and Gerald are fairly well off and wealthy. With Gerald's constant absence in her life, Flo begins an affair with the Jugo's male maid, Drake King. One day Gerald arrives home and discovers his wife and Drake in bed together. After this discovery Flo and Gerald divorce. Gerald then moves out. Flo then quickly re-marries to Drake. Drake has political aspirations and with Flo's money he quickly becomes mayor.

Gerald also forges a new romance with Suzanne Schwann, he becomes a role model for her son, Davis Schwann. Gerlad becomes close and he and Suzanne actually become engaged. Flo's marriage with Drake then hits a rift when he begins to do just as Gerald did and begins to spend too much time working. Flo then has another affair, this time with her ex-husband, Gerald. Gerald also cheats on Suzanne with Flo. When Gerald and Suzanne's wedding day arrives he whinds up leaving her at the altar. Drake then discovers Flo and Gerald's affair but refuses to divorce Flo. However, one night while stargazing, drake is crushed by a satelite and killed.

After Drake's death Flo and Gerald re-marry to each other. Flo then becomes pregnant and eventually gives birth to the couples only child, their daughter Esme Jugo. Florentina's selfishness then fades away as she studies and ebcomes a therapist and author. She councils Joanna Quarren and Jed Quarren and writes avariety of books. As Esme gets older she and Flo are quickly classified as polar opposites. She and Gerald happily age into Elders. However, when Clara Shin's fire fiasco happen both Gerald and Flo are killed in thei fire getting their daughter to safety. Flo would later be revived by Esme but Gerald wouldn't. Flo later passed away and never re-married.

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