Finnegan "Finn" Tweckenham is a sim in the town of Pineview. He first appears in the Generation 03 stories as a love-interest for Anya Platz. They date and even become engaged when her ex, Abel Wilt shows up and professes his love for her. However, Anya chooses Finn, reluctantly out of honor. However, when their wedding day arrives Anya realizes that she loves Abel... more than Finn. She then leaves him at the altar. She goes to Abel and they marry. Finn is left crushed at a wedding all alone. Finna then moves to Clariville. When Dahlia Alido arrives there it is discovered that he is now enagaged to Laurel Othel...
Finn Tweckenham
Name Finn Tweckenham
Gender Male
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Cancer

Spouse(s) Anya Platz (ex-fiancee)
Laurel Othel (fiancee)

Neighborhood Clariville

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