Esme Yellow
Esme Yellow








Esme Jugo' (maiden name)
Esme Chung (first married name)
Esme Yellow (second married name)


Carl Chung (husband; deceased)
Rhett Yellow (husband; deceased)


Alec Todd (fiance; deceased)
Dusty Scroll (ex-boyfriend)
Edgar Gwill (ex-boyfriend)


Chica Chung (daughter)
Lucille Yellow (daughter)
Lenore Yellow (daughter)



Esme Yellow (nee Jugo, previously Chung) is a sim in the town of pineview. She is not present in the beginning as she is not born yet. Her parents would first divorce and her mother would re-marry to Drake King but then Drake died and her parents re-married to each other. During their second union her parents had Esme. At first their lives are blissful. However, as Esme reached child hood she soon realized her mother and her had little in common, causing tension.

She refused to use make-up and fancy clothes like her mother. She formed a very strong relationship with their families butler, Carl Chung. She is a teenager when Clara Shin's fire occurs and both her parents are killed in the blaze. However, when the stories pick up in The Next Generation it is revelaed that Esme revived Florentina via a genie lamp. She has also married to Carl and later gives birth to their daughter, Chica.

Flo and her have a falling out again over Carl and Chica. However, Flo realizes Esme is finally happy. She books a book tour and leaves giving her daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter the house. Esme soon suffers what her mother said would happen. Her Elder-age husband, Carl soon passes away after Chica becomes a toddlar. Making Esme a young, wealthy widow. Her mother Florentina later returns to Pineview days before she dies. She spends her final days consoling her daughter and spendinf time with her grand-daughter, Flo then dies. Esme must then mourn again.

After Davis flees Pineview, a familiar face returns, Alec Todd. Davis was the only person who knew what Todd had done to Suzanne. With Davis gone Alec now sets his sights on the young, Esme.

The Next Suzanne?

Alec soon woos the young widow, he then proposes and Esme, regretfully, accepts. However, Jacque Schwann gets involved, ruining Alec's plans. Alec then attempts to drown Esme in a pool but Jacque saves her and Alec is the one who winds up drowning.

She initially had feelings for Ramiro Castillo, and she is at first jealous when he begins to date Valerie Youth. However, she soon sees that they have indeed fallen in love. She congratulates her friend on her marriage and pregnancy to Ramiro. Esme then bumps into Dusty Scroll one day on her way to work. They hit it off and begin seeing each other.

She and Dusty date for a while, but they eventually realize that they are not in love with each other and break-up. Just as Esme has given up on love, since Carl's death, she runs into a new neighbor at Faline's party, Edgar Gwill, who renews her interest in love... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later, it is revealed that when Esme met Edgar he was married. However, during the leap his wife, Carolyn, dies. He and Esme now have an on again off again relationship. Eventually Edgar proposes to Esme, however she rejects his proposal. He still holds out hop that one day they can be together, if she will just let him in. Esme becomes concerned when the teenage Rosalyn Quarren takes an interest in Edgar, making her question her motives. When she learns that Rosalyn is actually Edgar's daughter she feels better but decides to end whatever relationship they have.

Then she runs into Dahlia's fourth ex-husband, Rhett Yellow who informs her of the divorce and asks her out. Their first date ends with him proposing and Esme hastily accepting. They then quickly marry and she becomes pregnant with his child. To her suprise she gives birth to twins, Lenore and Lucille. She is happy that she has once again found love and has had two new children. However, her marriage to Rhett causes tension with her friendship with Dahlia. The two then embark in a feud. They later make up before Dahlia dies.

Esme is left distraught when Rhett dies of his old age. Upon Chica's birthday, she takes the twins and leaves town.

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