Escobar Reyes
The Elevated Escobar








Ricardo Reyes (father; deceased)
Lucia Andrews (mother; deceased)
Trent Andrews (step-father; deceased)


Reggie Andrews (step-brother)
Angela Andrews (step-sister)
Soledad Reyes (half-sister; deceased)


Mae McBride (ex-wife)
Mae McBride (ex-wife)
Mae Reyes (wife)


Alicia Cabot (ex-girlfriend)
Mae McBride (ex-girlfriend)
Donna Talbot (ex-lover)
Daphne Quill (ex-lover)
Catherine Andrews (ex-girlfriend)


Agatha Stone (step-daughter)
Cleo Enots (step-daughter)
Isaac Reyes (son)


Martin McBride (father-in-law; deceased)
Helen McBride (mother-in-law; deceased)
Carly Tellando (niece)
Rosalie St. Croix (niece)

Cause for Departure

Left Town After the Martin's Death. (1st Time)
Moved to France, with Catherine. (2nd Time)
Reunited with Mae. (3rd Time)
Returned to France. (4th Time)
Series End. (5th Time)


Escobar Reyes is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point. Escobar's character has endured great change throughout the series run. He has dealt with his mother's various romantic relationships, his own struggles at fidelity, raising a son, discovering he had a half-sister who had two daughters of her won, and his turbulent romance with Mae Reyes, which has served as a story point since the series conception.


In the beginning, Escoar is a local gardener who works for various familes around town. He soon meets and falls in love with Mae Stone. However, at the time Mae was married to her abusive husband Edward. Escobar then offers to take care of the Stones' plants for free, simply to be close to Mae. At the same time, Alicia Cabot spots Escobar in the park and pretends to mistake him for someone else in order to meet him. They share a long conversation about the beauty of flowers and she asks him out, to Escobar's shock. He accepts and they go on a date where Alicia tries to kiss him, only Escobar pulls away and tells her it's too soon. They later talk about it and she catches him glimpse over at Mae and realizes that he loves Mae and ends their relationship. He then begins to have long and deep talks with Mae during the day while Ed is at work. Alicia then catches Mae and Escobar kissing and tells Ed. Mae tells Escobar to go after her, only to have him confess that he loves her. After Ed dies Escobar and Mae go public with their relationship and they fall in love. After a brief romance so shortly after the death of her first husband Mae asks Escobar to move in with her and Agatha, he accepts. After he moves in with Mae his widowed mother, Lucia Reyes returns to town, moves in with them and begins to heavily criticize their relationship. Lucia's conservative ways soon get to Mae and Escobar. Escobar is told by his mother that it's noble of him to be dating a widow but disapproves of them living together while un-married. Though it sounds ludicrous at first, Escobar warms up to the idea of marriage and asks Mae to marry him. She is hesitant and suggests that people would get the wrong idea about her and that it might be too soon to re-marry. However, Mae and Escobar do marry in a quiet and private ceremony in their backyard with only Lucia and Agatha present. Escobar and Lucia are elated about the marriage and Lucia plans to throw a aparty in the park even though Mae wishes to keep their marriage secret for a while. After they begin to argue Mae tells Escobar that she loves him but they married too soon and they need to divorce for their relationship to survive. Escobar abliges Mae's request and ends their marriage, but they continue dating. He and Lucia move out and Lucia makes her hatred for Mae known. Escobar and Mae's relationship tries to remain happy but continues to dissolve after the divorce. Escobar grows to think that Mae doesn't love him, and Mae thinks that Escobar hates her for divorcing him. Their lack of communication would ultimately end their relationship for good. Escobar later recieves a visit from Candi Cabot and her boyfriend Jasper Centowski, who tell Escobar that they arrived at Jasper's home to find Mae having coffee with Jasper's widowed father Hank. After recieving the news Escobar gets the wrong idea and leaves infuriated to see Mae. He yells at her and confronts her about her meeting with Hank. In fact as he yells at her Hank arrives to escort Mae to a PTA meeting. Escobar then ends their relationship for good and severs all ties with her. However, Escobar was simply a pawn in Candi and Jasper's plan to get his father a new love-interest. He then sinks into a very deep depression and takes up painting full time. He simply spends days painting on his easel and Lucia finds him becoming extremely isolated and weird. Eventually she takes his easel way and forces him to confront his feelings and he admits that he still loves Mae, however she has begun to date Hank. One morning when Hank breaks into Mae's home to suprise her, she becomes freaked out and calls Escobar to help. He drops what he is doing and fends off Hank. He and Mae then reunite and begin dating again. They then get the truth from Candi and Jasper as to why they did what they did and find it noble but wrong. Mae and Escobar then fall in love all over again. This leads to Mae telling Esocbar that she is now ready to marry him and they become engaged. They hault their wedding plans when they learn of Alicia's divorce from Ted Swirl. Eventually they have a big wedding and marry happily. On their wedding night, Mae reveals that she is pregnant to Escobar's joy. She then encourages and helps him set aside space to open up his own art gallery. They then ask recently widowed, Donna Talbot, to be Escobar's art dealer to help her mind get over her husband, Homer's, death. She accepts and Mae finds Donna's sudden happiness as a sign of good luck but one evening when Escobar tells Donna that she looks nice, she mis-interprets his kindness for affection and develops an obssesive crush. Escobar and Mae discuss it and he assures her that nothing will happen. Eventually Mae gives birth to a son whom they name Isaac. Lucia then returns to town to see her grand-son, but not alone she brings her fiance, Carter Irving, with her. From the start Carter rubs Escobar the wrong way and when he meets Carter's son, Ethan, he basically interrogates him and Carter's story checks out. Carter and Lucia inevitabley marry but Escobar still feels that he is hiding something.

However, Escobar uncovers this truth too late and it is revealed that Carter used Lucia as a way to come to town and charm the Halcoyn Family into merging their company with his failing one. The businesses merge and Carter, now having access to the funds, takes all the money and leaves town. He leaves a message for Winston relaying his plan which leaves Halcoyn Communications bankrupt and Lucia heart broken. Lucia then has their marriage annulled and leaves town once again and on her way out she warns Mae once again about Escobar and his relationship with Donna. Escobar then becomes increasingly vulnerable with Donna after he and Mae begin to argue frequently. One night they hold hands and Aggie catches them. She gives her step-father an ultimatum: either he tells Mae what happened, or she will. Escobar does tell Mae, but the truth drives a bigger wedge between the two and pushes Escobar and Donna even closer together as he seeks solace in her, which leads to a kiss and eventually a separation between Escobar and Mae. Escobar then moves on and develops a woo hoo relationship with Donna and essentially lives with her. It becomes clear that Donna's mental state is in question, but Escobar can only think of Mae and Issac. He becomes devestated after seeing Mae with Todd Ford. Eventually he clues in on Donna and her impending nervous breakdown and after seeing her in a wedding dress calling herself, Donna Reyes, he realizes just how sick she is and calls her daughter, Chloe Talbot, who then returns to town with her husband, Brad, in tow. Then with her daughter there, Escobar finally confronts Donna and tells her he never loved her and that while they were together all he thought about was Mae and he blames her for his separation and that he might lose Mae. This sends Donna into a full on meltdown, as she collapses in Chloe's arms. He then goes to see Mae and there he professes his undying love for her once more and asks for her to take him back. Mae tells him she needs time and leaves. Mae then breaks things off with Winston, who she was secretly sleeping with at the time, and she and Escobar finally reconcile and he moves back in, with their separation ended. They then prepare for Agatha's birthday. As Aggie's party nears she informs her parents that she doesn't want anything special and that in fact she has a suprise for them. This confuses Mae and Escobar as they ponder what it could be. Aggie's brithday comes and Escobar and Mae turn down the invitation to Mona and Arnold's wedding to celebrate and to their suprise, Martin, arrives for his grand-daughter's big day. Aggie then reveals her plot, she has invited Mae's first husband's parents Roy and Belinda Stone to the party. There Agatha confronts her mother demanding to know how Edward, her father, really died. Mae has a breakdown as Aggie ages and she admits that her father could have been saved but she did nothing to help him, because she felt it was her only way out of that disaterous marriage. Roy and Belinda reveal they knew their son was dangerous but couldn't change him. Agatha then leaves with her grand-parents angry with her mother and Martin leaves saying it wasn't Mae's fault. Agatha would return shortly after telling her that Roy and Belinda told her she needed to make ammends with her mother and step-father. Then tragedy strikes once again and The Reyes/Stone family learns that Martin has passed away. Mae and Escobar then make the conscious descion to leave town and make a fresh start in Mae's home town and in the home she grew up in. She and Escobar then tell Aggie that she can stay and give her the house as a peace offering and finally she and Mae reconcile. Aggie then throws a going away party for her parents and half-brother and when it comes time to leave Mae and Escobar are asked if they would like to renew their vows, to which they laugh and say no they are as in love now than ever. However, Escobar's mother, Lucia, who returned thinking she was going to die and Trent Andrews, the father of Reggie, take the offer up and marry in the living room. The two couples and Isaac then pack up their cars and leave Sun-Crest Point.

When Trent returns to Sun-Crest he infomrs Reggie that he has just come from Mae and Escobar's informing them that Lucia had died due to her old age. This along with the news that Mae has another child with Edward, Cleo Enots, whom Edward gave away at birth and didn;t tell Mae, making her Agatha's twin sister. This coupled with the news of his mother's death sends Escobar once more into infidelity and drifting away from Mae, who herself is emotionally un-stable now knowing her other daughter was kept from her. When Mae returns to Sun-Crest Point, she brings with her Isaac and Cleo... she reveals that once more she and Escobar have separated as he began another affair with a woman named Daphne Quill.

Running Scared

During their separation, Aggie struggles with the thought of calling her step-father and reading him the riot act. As Escobar has his relationship with Daphne, Mae begins to see a much younger man named Blake Dasani who quickly woos her and sweeps her off her older feet. This relationship scares Aggie as she feels he is hididng something and Cleo begins to find herself drawn to Blake and begins to have an affair with him behind her mother's back and her then boyfriend, Derwood Halcoyn. Aggie's suspicions are proven correct when Blake is revealed to be the leader of a satanic cult, planning to sacrifice Mae. Mae manages to put up a fight and in the ensuing battle with her captor, she starts a fire. Blake and all his followers evacuate, leaving Mae for dead. She is pulled from the fire and Reggie and Monica Bremmer work hastily to revive her as she awakens in limbo. As her lost loved ones (Daria, Lucia, Martin, Edward and Helen) convince her to fight for her life and give it another chance Agatha calls Escobar who then comes running to Mae's side. Mae is then swayed to give life another shot and is revived. Escobar reveals he has broken off his affair but she is still un-sure about their future. Mae's doubt is attributed to her having lost her short term memory in the fire, meaning she doesn't know Blake was the one who tried to kill her and, that Escobar is still seeing Daphne.

Escobar remains in town to try and help Mae regain her memory, alas, she claims she is in love with Blake, who eventually dumps her. Escobar takes it upon himself to profess his love again and kiss Mae to help her regain her memory... however, it doesn't work and all Mae remembers is the constant heartbreak she and Escobar have endured throughout the years. Escobar then begins to focus on opening up the art gallery and, thinking that Mae's memory will return. However, he soon finds comfort in the arms of fellow social isolate, Catherine Andrews. Mae also falls in love with Kurt Grinaldi, who was originally brought into town to help her regain her memory. Escobar's attempts to aid Mae all seem to fail and she finally asks him for a divorce, sadly, Escobar relents and he and Mae divorce. As their romance comes to an end, he moves on with Catherine and begins to grow fond of her. When it is learned that like Mae, Cathy also has another child, Skye Sommers, Escobar doesn't judge Catherine and, in fact, tells her that he "understands." He also helps Cleo understand that her presence in their lives did not affect his marriage to Mae. He explains that they have always had problems ranging from infidelity to fiscal lies... he tells her that Mae's memory of their love is lost and, that it's time he moves on... with Catherine. Cleo thanks Escobar. After the financial success of "The Reyes Gallery" in Sun-Crest Point, Escobar decides to open one up in France. He asks Catherine to come with him so they can start their life together, she agrees. The two then leave Sun-Crest Point.


After Escobar gives Mae her own life, she marries Kurt. However, the moment they are married, all of Mae's memories and, love for Escobar come rushing back to her and, she is deeply hurt when she learns that he has gone with France with Catherine and, she is trapped in a marriage with Kurt, who she now no longer loves. After some talking to from her children, Kurt sets Mae free and, she travels to France in search of Escobar. She finds him, still with Catherine. Mae then informs Escobar that her memory has returned. She then declares her love for Escobar once more and, they reunite and, share a passionate kiss. Escobar and, Catherine then part amicably when she learns she is no competition compared to Mae. Mae and Escobar then decide to remain in France and oversee the European branch of Escobar's gallery. Then it is later said in passing by Agatha that her mother lives abroad with her step-father, meaning Mae and Escobar re-married.


Escobar returns to town after it is revealed town newbies Carly Tellando, and Rosetta St. Croix are the children of Escobar's half-sister, Soledad. He comes back to met the young women and is saddened to learn that his sister died year ago at a young age. While the girls tell him about their mother, he also encourages them to bond as siblings, and informs them that they are related to Issac, their cousin. After some light bonding, he visits Alicia and Ralph where he reveals that he and Mae are doing fine in France, but that they miss Sun-Crest Point so much. He drops in on Agatha and Cleo, giving them his regards and meets their respective children. After some re-connection he again leaves to France.


Escobar and Mae return for the final storylines, after hearing of Alicia's death they return to town for her funeral. Still happily married, Mae and Escobar comfort Chris while re-connecting with old friends, and family. Mae reveals Aggie and Ben are doing well, while Mae encourages Cleo to declare her love to Ray, Escobar attempts to warn Issac that his new bride, Alexa Cabot still visibly harbors feelings for her old flame, Brandon Kramer. Although Isaac rejects such an idea. Regardless, they duo attend Alicia's funeral, and Candi and Jasper's wedding. In the flash forward they are present for Janet's wedding to George Snyder, again still happy as ever.

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