Ernest Shell
Ernest Shell








Ernie (nick-name)


Byron Shin (father; deceased)
Toni Youth (mother)
Marlin Youth (step-father)
Clara Shin (step-mother; deceased)


Melissa Shin (half-sister)
Darwin Youth (step-brother; deceased)


Blanche Quarren (wife; deceased)


Olga Todd (ex-girlfriend)


Rosalyn Quarren (step-daughter)
Olympia Shell (daughter)


Dante Friz (brother-in-law)
Jacque Schwann (nephew)
Jorja Friz (niece)


Ernest Shell is a sim in the town of Pineview. He first appears as a child when he and his mother, Toni Shell return to Pineview.They are at first living in an apartment but soon move into Marlin Youth's home as he and his mother have feelings for each other. He quickly comes to like and love Marlin as a father. He also looks up to his step-brother Darwin.

When he becomes a teenager he befriends Clyde Rossim and Olga Todd as well as Mehrissa Woodrow. He and Olga quickly begin to date despite the fact that she has feelings for Clyde. He doesn't know that at Esme Jugo's house party Olga kisses Clyde even though he rebuffs her.

Clara Shin

One night while he is out he runs into Clara Shin. Un-known to him Clara is his step-mother as she is/was married to his father, Byron Shin. His mother and Byron engaged in an affair when Toni left PIneview which culminated in her pregnancy and his birth. This makes Melissa Shin his half-sister. When he learns of all this he is shocked but quickly forms a firendship with Melissa and his nephew Jacque.

The Fire

He attends his sister's grand-opening and after party. When Clara sets the fire her intent is to kill Ernest, Toni and Davis. She wished to kill Ernest as he now had a claim in the Shin fortune. Ernest and Toni got out safely. The following day however, Mehrissa catches Clyde and Olga, Ernest's girlfriend, in a sweet embrace... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that he and Olga have broken up but did live together for a while he then moves in with Darwin and Valerie adn Martine. This causes tension in Darwin's re-marriage to Valerie but he later proves to be a useful Sim to the household. He then begins eeing Blanche Quarren. He and Blanche becomes fond of each other and their fondness turns into love. Blanche then invites Ernest to come live with her and Rosalyn. Ernest accepts and then proposes, to everyone's amazement Blanche accepts.

He and Blanche marry at the Youth household. He is greatly saddened by his step-brother, Darwin's death. When Olga returns and attempts to seduce him he iinforms her of his marriage to Blanche and that he loves her. After they hear bout Emma-Lee's fire fiasco Ernest and Blanche come to the conclusion that they need a change. They decide to leave Pineview, for good. They pack up Rosalyn, say their goodbyes and leave. However, as they leave it is revealed that Blanche is pregnant.

When Blanche returns for Martin's commitment ceremony it is reveald that the child was a daughter, that they named Olympia.

Generation 03

In the Generation 03 stories Ernest and Olymia return to Pineview just as Rosalyn's father and step-mother, Edgar and Betty, They sadly inform Rosalyn that Blanche has died and then extend an invitation for her to come live with them in their old house, she accepts. He then runs into his ex, Olga. She hits and puts the moves on him. HE then declines her offers and informs her that Blanche just died. She then kisses him.

Disgusted by Olga's behavior Ernest tells her to stay away from him and his family, for good. When he hears that Olga had re-married to Allan Greyoff Ernest attempts to warn him of her manipulative ways, however, Allan is too consumed by infatuation for Olga to care about what Ernest is talking about.

Ernest is sad when his sister, Melissa Shin passes away, with old age. This leads Ernest to think of who he will leave Olympia with when he dies. Olga then decides to put the moves on Ernest once again. When she flirts with him, he rejects her and tells her to leave him alone.

Olga then comes to a realization, she has always truly loved Ernest. She goes to him one final time and professes her love for him and tells him that he is the one sim she has ever truly cared about. Ernest then sadly tells Olga that he care for her once, along time ago. Since then he fell in love with Blanche and since she died he acan't see him with anyone else. Olga is heart broken, but does not plot revenge.

Days later Ernest dies, Olympia who is a child lives with Rosalyn who just became a young adult.

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