Mary Jones nee. Smith is a sim who appears in The Sims 2.


She was born as the only child of Mary Gray and John Gray. Most of her baby life was misunderstood by her parents because they were not used to pregnancy. This did not help during her todding years because she misunderstood why everyone else was different. In her child years she was in SET#1 for science, much to the jealousy of everyone else. Her teen years saw her studying astronomy, but she was never abducted by aliens much to her dismay. Her parents' deaths did not help, and she was brought up by her uncle Chris. As an adult, she got a job as a science teacher in Pleasentview Hills High School, where she had been as a child. There, she met John Jones. John loved astronomy also, and they soon got to know each other. The next part of their relationship involved marriage, where only John's relatives showed up as her family had long since died out. They settled down together in a house in Pleasentview as she moved out of Andromeda Arms, where her parents lived. There, they lived childless together but now Emily jones is now married to Karl kennedy she also got a secret she's a fan of Lilly Truscott and has got her cd

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