Elmira Clamp lives in Clamp Manor in Blossom Heights. She works in the towns bookstore and currently has §130,809. She is avaliable on the exchange. She also has a fatuation on tv idol and Poster boy Dr Ross Geller and has a book called Busty Ladies but also enjoys hen nights when she sees Brad Madison her second Fatuation


Elmira Clamp was tired of all the horrible noise at her old neighbourhood so moved to Blossom Heights. Can she finally find peace and quiet?

Elmira Clamp is a sim who will be avalible in a new town coming to the exchange called 'Blossom Heights'. She is based on the MySims character of the same name. She is avaliable on the exchange with her house Clamp Manor. She is now married to Karl Kennedy

Family & relationships

The Clamp family/The Kennedy Family

See also

  • The Kennedy Family/The Clamp family

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