Edna Uncanny Dawson is an elderly sim living in a loft in Belladonna Cove with her cat, Borris Dawson. She is the daughter of Edward and Victoria Dawson, younger sister of Renaissance LeDribbs and elder sister of Robin Dawson.

Early Life

Edna was born in the Old Country. Her father, Edward Dawson, was a doctor, and her mother, Victoria Dawson, was a teacher. She was home-schooled until she was a teenager, and went to SimState University.

Later Life

After she graduated, she moved to the parishes of St. Maxoids, where she lived until she moved to Belladonna Cove at the age of 45 due to floods and alligator-eating-the mailman going on. She lived alone in a loft with her cat Boris and stayed single.

Edna Uncanny Dawson
[[Edna Dawson]]
Hi! My name is Edna Dawson!
Name Edna Uncanny Dawson
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Family
Sign Aquarius

Dawson Family
Parents Edward Dawson, Victoria Dawson (both deceased)
Sibling(s) Renaissance LeDribbs, Robin Dawson (both deceased)
Spouse(s) None
Child(ren) None

Neighborhood Belladonna Cove

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