Drake King was a sim in the town of Pineview. In the beginning he is a maid that services only the Jugo family. He and Florentina Jugo engage in an affair. This is because of Gerald's odd hours and his work-a-holic-ism. Drake is a maid but has political aspirations to one day become mayor. One day Gerald arrives home early due to a promotion and discovers Drake and Flo in bed together. Gerald and Flo quickly divorc and then Drake and Florentina marry. With his charisma and her money Drake quickly becomes Mayor of Sim City.However, he begins to do what Gerald did to Flo and begins working too much. Flo then cheats on Drake with her ex-husband, Gerald. At the time Gerald was engaged to Suzanne Schwann. Drake later discovers their affair but refuses to divorce Florentina. However, the following night as Drake is stargazing on the lawn he is crushed by a satelite and killed.
Drake King
Name Drake King
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Popularity
Sign Aries

Spouse(s) Florentina King (wife)

Neighborhood Pineview

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