Dorothy Wilt (nee Quarren) is a Sim in the town of Pineview. She is not technically present in the beginning as her mother, Joanna is pregnant with her. When she is born she lives with her big family consisting of: brother Harvey, sister Blanche, father Jed, mother Joanna and later half-brother Zed. Through out her childhood she had no main storyline. However, when she became a teenager and her parents seperated she encountered her mother on a date one night with her boyfriend Pritchard. Dorothy then lost her usual, cool, and confronted her mother. This marked an ongoing storyline of Joanna dn Dorothy's difficult relationship.

The Fire/Birthday

The night of Melissa's shop opening and the ensuing fire was also Dorothy's birthday. Everyone, including her parents seemed to have forgotten. As a result Dorothy decided not to go to the after party and that night she aged into an adult. She was glad to learn that later all of her family members survived. She then manages to re-connect with her mother.

The next day she runs into a grief-ridden Devlin Wilt, whose wife, Kelly, had died in the fire. The two reminice about the good ol' days and out of no-where Dorothy and Devlin share a passionate kiss... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Dorothy and Devlin engaged ina relationship, bu broke-up, but then got back together and are noe engaged. She gets along well with her soon-to-be step-son Abel and Anita. She is happy to see her missing sister, Blanche again and she is glad to hear of Blanche's pregnancy. She is upset when Devlin mention or compares her to his deceased wife, Kelly. However, their wedding goes off flawlessly until her sister, Blanche goes into labor and gives birth to her daughter Rosalyn. Dorothy and Devlin and Abel begin their lives as a family.

Dorothy then discovers and announces that she is pregnant. Dorothy 6 dys later goes into labor and rushes to the hospital where she gives birth to a boy, Norris, with Devlin and Abel at her side. She is saddened by the death of her half-brother, Zed. Devlin consoles her. However, Abel begins to feel "rubbed out" as Devlin, Dorothy and Norris become closer as a family. This upsets Abel to a boiling point where on the night of Faline's Birthday party he tells Devlin to choose him or Dorothy and Norris... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Abel, Devlin and Dorothy have all come to terms with their family arrangements. Then Dorothy's niece, [[Rosalyn Quarren], comes to live with Dorothy and Devlin. She then startles her aunt with the revelation that Edgar Gwill is her father, something Dorothy has known all along. After Egdar and Betty leave Roz was supposed to move back in with Dorothy and Devlin but then decides to live with her step-father and half-sister after they tell her that Blanche has died.

Dorothy is saddened by her sister's death. But comes to terms with it as she now has her half-brother, Zed Quarren back. She is present at Abel's second wedding, this time to Anya Platz. She then faces her greatest fear, when Devlin dies of old age. A funeral is held for Devlin, which gives Annabel then strength to return to Pineview. Weeks after Dutch's death Dorothy engages in a courtship with Allan Greyoff. However, after dating a while Dorothy reealizes she wishes to spend her remaining time with Norris and her memories of Dutch.

Shortly after the death of Clyde, Mehrissa and Ernest Dorothy dies of old age, Norris then ages into a young adult.

Dorothy Wilt
Hi! My name is Dorothy Quarren!
Name Dorothy Wilt
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Popularity
Sign Cancer

Parents Jed Quarren (father)
Joanna Quarren (mother)
Sibling(s) Harvey Quarren (brother)
Blanche Shell (sister; deceased)
Zed Quarren (half-brother; deceased)
Sharon Quarren (sister-in-law)
Spouse(s) Devlin Wilt (husband; deceased)
Allan Greyoff (ex-boyfriend)
Child(ren) Abel Wilt (step-son)
Norris Wilt (son)
Martin Quarren (nephew)
Muriel Quarren (niece)
Rosalyn Quarren (niece)
Ulvar Wilt (nephew)
Zelda Quarren (niece)
Olympia Shell (niece)
Annie Quarren (niece)

Neighborhood Pineview

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