{{Simbio-start |name = Diamondia Cinaya |sex = Female |siblings = Katrine Kennedy |spouse = Billy Kennedy |child = [[Sally Kennedy ] & [[Fenne Kennedy |family = The Kennedy Family/The Cinaya family


The Sims 3
Hi! My name is Diamondia Cinaya!

Life stage: 22
Life state: Human
Traits: Brave, Loves the Outdoor, Natural Cook, Friendly and Computer Whiz
Lifetime Wish: Super Popular
Favorites: Pop, Pancakes and Lime

Status: Downloadable
Neighborhood: Sunset Valley


Diamondia Cinaya

This sim was made by [[User:ann-louise waters

She also likes to cook, hangout and play the computer. Her husband is Billy Kennedy and they gave birth to twins, Sally & Fenne tobin She taught Sally Kennedy to walk and talk and her husband taught Katrina kennedy too. And her sister could possibly be Katrine Kennedy


Diamondia's outfit

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