Derek Siddle
Derek Siddle




Young Adult/Adult/Elder


Mad Scientist




Steven Siddle (father; deceased)
Hester Asset-Siddle (mother; deceased)
Norma Siddle (step-mother; deceased)


Floyd Rebuff (step-brother)
Marnie Siddle-Urschel (adoptive sister)


Wendy Siddle (wife)
Esther Charles-Siddle (ex-wife; deceased)


May Haller-Urschel (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Kendra Copper (ex-lover)
Gladys Telfair (ex-girlfriend)
Oona Kluck (ex-fiancee)


Alton Siddle (son)
Marlo Siddle (daughter)


Pearl Asset (aunt; deceased)
Haleigh Asset-Jule (cousin; deceased)
Frank Jule (father-in-law; deceased)
Abbigail Jule (mother-in-law; deceased)
Ivan Jule (brother-in-law)
Neve Siddle (daughter-in-law)
Chet Onassiser (son-in-law)
Roeper Siddle (grand-son)
Maxine Siddle (grand-daughter)
Uriah Onassiser (grand-son)
Ursula Onassiser (grand-daughter)


Derek Siddle is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. He has been close friends with, Kendra, Wendy, Gregg and Floyd since childhood. He is a budding scientist. He is dating a very... colorful sim at the beginning of the stories, May Haller. His father also resides in Ribbon Heights, Steven Siddle. It is un-known what has happened to his mother. Even though he is dating May he has always harbored strong romantic feelings for Wendy.


In the first set Derek is dating May Haller, a very controlling sim. He spends alot of time withhis friends and not her, this causes her to confronthim and tell him to stop seeing them. He reluctantly agrees. He is depressed when he learns and later sees Wendy with her now ex-boyfriend Jude. May then forces Derek to introduce her to his father, Steven, who puts the idea of marriage in her head. Derek then tells May he loves her but then realizes he doesn't. May then asks him to have a baby with her, he agrees but comes to his senses when Wendy talks to him. He then meets May's parents, he learns then that May was adopted. At Kendra's wedding he asks May to marry him.

Set 2

In the second set we learn that May rejected Derek's proposal and dumped him. He then gets up the courage to ask Wedny out, she happily accepts with a kiss. They have a happy relationship and quickly fall in love. However, May tries to destroy their romance and attempts to seduce Derek as Wendy enters, they make-up and May's plan is foiled. When May discovers Gregg's secret she blackmails him into breaking them up, which works. Gegg later confesses but Derek and Wendy decide not to continue dating. In the finale Norma and Steven decide to adopt Marnie, as Babs and Drew are taken away.

Set 3

In the third set, Derek is depressed over his break-up with Wendy and he and Kendra engage in a woo-hooish relationship, until she reunites with Eli. This upsets Derek further as he has no one now. He later meets Esther Charles, sister of Ambrose Charles and Wendy's new boyfriend. The two begin to date, Wendy claims it's just so Esther can get to her, Derek rejects her idea and continues seeing her. Derek and Esther then suprise Wendy and Ambrose one night and tell them that they have eloped and married. They are happy, despite Wendy and Derek's true feelings. However, wendy and Derek kiss and Esther sees from afar and disappears.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Derek and Ambrose team up to find Esther, who has gone missing. Every lead they get turns out to be nothing. Wendy hopes he will now seek a divorce from her but is shocked when she learns that he is still going to remain married to Esther. However, Derek later decides to move on and winds up having a short romance with Gladys Telfair. Wendy and Floy break them up for their personal gain. Wendy then tries to win Derek back but he thinks his failed relationship with Gladys is a sign to wait for Esther. Wendy then professes her undying love for Derek and they kiss passionately. Derek then tells her he needs time to decide. In the final he chooses Wendy, until Esther returns. Esther then tells her that Derek left her pregnant and she brings the child with her a son named, Alton.

Set 5

In the fifth set, 5 years later, Derek chose Esther and they have been raising Alton together. However, Derek is un-happy and Wendy has been gone the last few years. When Wendy returns so do Derek's feelings and he asks Esther for a divorce. They finally divorce. However, Wendy tells Derek that she has finally moved on with her life and wants nothing more to do with him. When he tells her that he has divorced Esther and that he loves her and is sorry for all the mistakes he has made, she falls into his arms and they are reunited. They begin where they left off and Derek proposes days later, Wendy gleefully accepts. They plan a big wedding but throw their plans out the window and elope. Upon their return Wendy's parents return to town, Frederick and Abbigail. They criticize Wendy on her decision making and ask her to come with them, to re-think what she has done. She agrees. Esther then tells Derek that she is taking Alton and moving.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Derek is distraught over Wendy's leaving. However, they technically remain married. Her younger brother, Ivan Jule, comes to town and tells Derek that Wendy "needs time" Derek tells him he is getting tired of always waiting. He then elarns that Esther has died and he recieves full custody of Alton. He then meets Oona kluck and becomes smitten with her, but constantly thinks of Wendy. However, Wendy calls him and tells him they shoudl separate and he agrees. He and Oona then begin dating and eventually fall in love. Derek then allows Oona to move in with him and Alton.

Set 7

In the seventh set, Derek and Oona are still going strong. though he is still legally married to Wendy. He calls her and is shocked to learn she is also seeing someone. He then takes Oona out for a romantic evening and pops the question, she happily accepts. When she asks if he and Wendy have officially divorced, he lies and says yes. Throughout the remainder of the set, Oona continues to make wedding plans as Derek sinks into a depression and lies saying he and Wendy have divorced. He then learns his mother had a sister, his aunt Pearl. He also learns he has a cousin Haleigh who was engaged to Ivan Jule and married to Arsenio Onassiser. On their wedding day Derek tells oona everything and she leaves in tears. Wendy then arrives and the two are reunited yet again, this time for good. They then announce their plans to have a child together.

Set 8

In the eight set, Wendy quickly becomes pregnant. she is openly welcomed back to the neighborhood and Derek couldn't be happier. Wendy eventually goes into labor and gives birth to a daughter, Marlo. Alton again begins to worry that Derek will begin favoring Marlo and Wendy over him. Derek reassures his son that he loves him just as much as Marlo and Wendy. Then the four of them embrace as a new and fully functional family.

Set 9

In the ninth set, 2 years later, Derek and Wendy are still married and raising a now toddlar aged Marlo. Alton will soon age into a young adult and they decide to throw him a party. However, Wendy says she wants to abstain from helping as she fears that Alton will think she did it because she wants him out ouf their house and out of their lives. Derek understands. When the party comes Alton learns that Wendy did nothing and runs off, mad. When she goes to talk to him he tells her that he thinks she doesn't love him. She then tells him why she didnt help plan and tells him she loves him as her own son. Derek then looks on happily as Wendy and Alton finally reconcile, this time for good.

Set 10

In the tenth set, Derek and Wendy learn that Alton had engaged in an affair with Neve Lord-Chalk, resulting in her pregnancy. They try to oush the kids to marry, however, they tell them that they aren't in love. and will not marry. Derek and Wendy then age into Elders. The series ends with Derek and Wendy seen kissing in the park.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0, 10 years later, Derek is now an Elder and has been reduced to a recurring chracter.

Set 1

In the first set, Derek is still married to Wendy and they are now raising a child age Marlo. It is revealed that Neve and Alton had a boy, Derek's grand-son, Roeper. He is simply a background character and appears with his family at multiple functions.

Set 2

In the second set, Derek soon succumbs to his old age and passes away. He is the first of the original friends to die of old age. The entire neighborhood shows up for his funeral including Ivan Jule and Paula Lillian. His son, Alton, takes the news the worst, but he eventually copes with his grief.

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