Daria Grendel
The Daring Daria






Share-Holder at Halcoyn Communications


Daria Grendel (maiden name)
Daria Beckett (first married name)
Daria Cannery (second married name)


Myrtle Crowley (sister)


Victor Beckett (ex-husband)
Brock Cannery (ex-husband)


William Halcoyn (ex-lover)
William Halcoyn (ex-boyfriend)
Martin McBride (ex-boyfriend)


Ralph Grendel (son)
Roxy Crowley (daughter)


Haley Kramer Grendel (grand-daughter)
Stan Crowley (brother-in-law)
Sandra Grendel (daughter-in-law)
Emma Irving Grendel (grand-daughter)

Cause for Departure

Death by Old Age.
Appeared as a Spirit. (2nd/3rd Time)


Daria Grendel (previously Beckett and, Cannery) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


In the beginning, Daria has been a long time resident in the town of Sun-Crest Point. She is a bohemian woman who often provides guidance to Alicia Cabot and Mae McBride. She mainly serves as a mother figure for Alicia since her parents and sister, Catherine Andrews, and husband left her and she was forced to raise her daughter, Candi Cabot alone. When Mae's abusive husband begins to turn violent, Daria relates to her by telling her that she once had to escape her abusive husband. Daria is shown to have an old rivalry with with William Halcoyn. It is revealed that she has a significant ammount of stock in Halcoyn Communications. When she goes to a prty hosted by socialite, Mona Halcoyn, she is confronted by William who forces her to leave. After William begins to poison his son and Mona's husband, Winston Halcoyn, against her Daria takes Mona and their son, Derwood in. After she realizes that William is responsible for Winston's behavior she tells Mona that she helped two people escape William's grasp one and it's time she brings one of them back. Then Daria's son, Ralph Grendel comes to town for a "visit." When Mona asks how he can help Daria lies and tells her he is simply visiting. When William gets sight of Ralpg he appears shocked. He then tells Daria her plan will not work. It is then revealed that Daria and William had an affair long ago that resulted in the existence of Ralph. William tells Winston about his half-brother and lies telling him that he wanted to have Ralph in his life but Daria wouldn't allow it. William then gave Daria then stock as a pay-off/child-support. Daria admits that she was afraid William would hurt Ralph but did want him and his father to have a relationship. William later comes to gloat and tells Daria the only reason she hates him so much is because he chose his wife, Rosanna, over her and he then pulls her into a kiss. Daria rebuff the kiss and laughs telling William any love she had for him dissepapted when he refused to acknowledge the existence of their son and Winston's half-brother. She is then shocked when she spots Will dating Lucia Reyes.

After she witnesses Winston and Mona fighting and ending with them deciding on getting a divorce she decides she needs to take serious actions and brings a mysterious person to town. She decides to expose William at Derwood's birthday party up at Halcoyn Hill. She and her guest manage to sneak in and after William and Lucia make their grand enterance, Daria pulls her guest out and proceeds to make a scene. Her mystery guest is revealed to be William's long thought dead wife, Rosanna Halcoyn. Rosanna then reveals just how evil William truly is. Daria's plan works as Winston and Mona are reunited and William is left alone and beaten. Daria then helps her son get accustomed to life back at home and urges him to find a nice gilr, other than Mona. She is seen comforting Mae after her and Escobar's break up and knows that they still love each other. So she urges Mae to hold off on her romance with Hank Centowski. When she learns that Mae went after Hank, they get into an argument in which Mae criticized Daria for being so nosy and getting involed in others love lives because she doesn't have one. This reaches Daria's heart and she then meets up with William that night in the park and is seen kissing him, beginning a second romance. Her relationship with William appears to be genuine, despite the fact that almost the entire town is repulsed and confused by it, especially Ralph. William then decides to throw a party for Daria up at Halcoyn Hill to celebrate their love. There she meets Mary Ann Werner, and tells her she needs to back off Winston as he was married and expecting a second child. During the party Daria sees the old Will come out as he tries to make Catherine, who tried to pull a black widow on him, jealous by flaunting Daria in frotn of her. seeing this Daria dumps him, makes up with Mae and has drinks with Rosanna and Lucia. Daria then becomes happy when Mae and Escobar re-marry and Mae announces her pregnancy. She is also elated at Ralph's romance with Karen Collins. However, Daria then recieves a call from Ralph's ex-fiancee, Sandra Kramer, and is shocked when it is revelaed that Ralph and Sandra have a daughter, Haley, and he is behind on payments. She confront sher son and brings Sandra and Haley to town. She forces Ralp to tell Karen the truth, leading to their break up. at Mae and Escobar's wedding she meets and begins dating Mae's widowed father, Martin. She then recieves and un-wanted visit from her ex-husband, Victor Beckett, who tells her he has cleaned up his act and wants to talk to her. She agrees and when they meet to talk, he asks her to tell him where the child they had together, the one Ralph doesn't know about, is at.

Daria then reveals that she and Victor do have a child a daughter, Roxy Crowley. When Daria discovered she was pregnant by a drunken Victor, she knew that she couldn't keep the child because it would always tie her to Victor. So she went to "visit" her sister for the duration of her pregnancy and left Ralph with his then step-father. When she gave birth to Roxy, she left the baby with her in-fertile sister, Myrtle, and her husband, Stan, to raise. This revelation causes a serious rift with Ralph, who disowns his mother for her hiding yet another sibling from her. After some talking to from, Sandra Kramer, Ralph comes around and reconciles with his mother. The, after Victor goes to see Roxy, Roxy comes to town and confronts Daria on the matter that she is her mother and Ralph is her half-brother. She then decides that she is tranferring her job to town and staying to get to know her real mother, who she long thought was her aunt. When Frances Cabot, returns to town, it is learned that she and Daria, as well as Lucia and Rosanna used to be friends but Franny's critical and cold manner caused their friendship to die. At Rosanna's funeral luncheon, Daria goes to console a grief strichen Arnold Werner, and in that moment of weakness he admits that he initally began to see Rosanna because he thought about the money he would inherit if he married her, but actually fell in love with her. He then tells her about Mary Ann's similar plot with Winston, but how she too has grown to have loved him and that their family is so money hungry and dysfunctional. Daria is shocked by this revelation and almost tells Agatha Stone, who notices her shocked demenor, after seeing the love in her eyes and concern for Derwood. She decides not to and begins to wonder what to do with the knowledge and she places a call to Mona. Mona does return after the death of her second husband. Daria then recieves a fatal diagnosis, her time on this world is running out. She spends her remaining time with her son, grand-daughter, daughter and daughter-in-law, before she passes away peacfully with them all around her.


There is a great deal of personal fall out following Daria's death but though her physical body is gone her spirit lives on. Daria returns as a ghost in limbo where Mae Reyes awakens after being caught in a deadly fire by her psycho boy-toy, Blake Dasani. Together with, Lucia, Martin as well as her late mother Helen and her husband, Edward they guide Mae back into the world as she is revived. Daria again returns IN spirit form as she welcomes her daughter-in-law, Sandra to heaven.

The Sun Also Rises

In the mini-series spin-off, Daria is raising a teenage Ralph, while trying to salvage her failing marriage to Victor. She quickly discovers she is pregnant when her close friends, Walter Cabot, gives her an exam at the hospital. Devastated by the news, Daria pleads with Walt to keep it a secret from Vic, Walt agrees knowing Daria's situation. Daria then tells Victor that her sister, Myrtle is pregnant and, that she is leaving to aid her sister in her pregnancy, leaving Ralph in the care of his step-father. Daria returns days later with news that her sister has given birth to a healthy baby girl, who they have named Roxanne or "Roxy" for short. The guilt of giving up her daughter begins to tear at Daria but, after a failed intervention to get Victor help, she divorces him and, kicks him out.

As she was planning the intervention, Daria became increasingly close to Brock Cannery, the father of John Cannery. After she and, Victor get divorced Daria and, Brock begin a secret romance, Daria tries to regain the passion she once felt for her ex-husband and, Brock attempts to get over his ex-wife, Tess. Daria's romance though, causes distance between her and, Ralph as he grieves over the loss of his step-father and, his mother always being out and, about. One night, while both are high on love, Brock and, Daria marry. However, the following morning, they both realize that they have made a mistake, Brock reveals he is still hopelessly in love with Tess and, Daria agrees to annul their marriage. Then she is approached by Rosanna Halcoyn...

Rosanna asks Daria to help her in faking her death so she can escape the clutches of her husband, William. When Daria refuses, knowing it's illegal, Rosanna reveals that she knows that Ralph is the biological child of Daria and, William... The result of an affair from long ago. With the aid of Tess, Daria ushers Rosanna out of town, spreading word of her death. Ralph then leaves town to become a writer after high school. At Rosanna's "funeral" Daria and William speak but, instead of her death humanizing him, it seemingly kills any emotion within him.

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