Dagmar Platz was a sim in the town of Pineview. She first appeared as a townie sim, she later moved into the neighborhood as a resident. She at first dates recent widower, Marlin Youth. Marlin is vulnerable because Toni Shell had just left Pineview. However, days before Marlin's birthday Dagmar dumps him for Davis Schwann. When Dagmar begins her relationship with Davis he is engaged to Melissa Shin. Dagmar was simply looking for a woo-hoo-ish relationship and didn't care when Davis married Melissa. Shortly after Melissa gave birth to her and Davis's son, Jacque, Dagmr discovered that she was pregnant with Davis's child. One day Melissa takes Jacquue with her out shopping, Dagmar comes over for an afternoon makeout/woo-hoo session with Davis but Melissa arrives home and finds a pregnant Dagmar in bed with Davis. This results in Melissa and Davis divorcing. Dagmar then gives birth to a daughter, Anya. However, Dagmar can't handle the responsibility of raising a child and leaves Anya with Davis and then she skips town.

The Next Generation

When the next generation stories begin it is revealed, via Anya's family tree, that Dagmar has aged into an elder and is now deceased. However at Famile's birthday party, the long thought dead Dagmar returns alive and well... (Cliff-Hanger)

Dagmar Platz
Hi! My name is Dagmar Platz!
Name Dagmar Platz
Gender Female
Life stage Elder
Sign Gemani

Spouse(s) Davis Schwann (ex-lover)
Marlin Youth (ex-boyfriend)
Child(ren) Anya Platz (daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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