Corinne Space is a main character in The Space Family stories. She is the youngest child of Glen and Calista Space. She is the younger sister of Alice. She is also the aunt to Oscar, Mindy, Diego and Carmen. She has one son, Pierce.


Corinne is born to Glen and Calista Space after their move from their aparttment to their home in suburbs. Corinne is the youngest child of the family. Upon her birth she recieves an older sister named Alice. Corinne and Alice get along well as sisters. Corinne is quickly shown to be a child prodigy in the way of music and dance. Un-like her older sister she strives to be more than a mother and wife, but to become a dancer. She spends the majority of her child hood playing the piano and violin and dancing. She does not get way in the much of friends but hangs around a lot with her older sister and later her boyfriend, Scot.

Corinne becomes side tracked from her passion of the arts as a teenager when she meets Sterling Cooper. They begin dating and fall in love. Corinne struggles to find a balance between her love for him and her passion for the arts. When her older sister becomes engaged to Scot, Corinne is initially against it. However, she serves as her sister's maid of honor. She becomes an aunt as a teenager when Alice gives birth to Oscar and later Mindy (and even later Diego and Carmen). When Corinne becomes a young adult she begins a career in dance and thrives it it. She continues to live at home though. Sterling then asks her to marry him and she happily accepts.

However, one evening Sterling's home catches on fire and he is tragically killed in the ensuing blaze. Corinne makes a discovery upon his death: she is pregnant. She eventually gives birth to a son, Pierce. She once again struggles to find meaning in life as she must now juggle being a single mother. She gains help when Alice, Scot, Oscar and Mindy move back in with her, Pierce, Glen and Calista. She is distraught when Scot is caught cheating on Alice and they divorce. She then makes her hatred for Scot and, Marion, no mystery. Her parents then encourage Corinne to get back out into the dating pool and meet some one new.

She considers the idea but then her parents pass away. She takes their deaths as a sign that she is not ready to date again and maybe never will be. She is present at Alice's second wedding to Jorge Vilalobos and elated when she becoes an aunt again to Diego and Carmen...

Corinne Space
Name Corinne Space
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Virgo

Parents Glen Space (father; deceased)
Calista Space (mother; deceased)
Sibling(s) Alice Vilalobos (sister)
Spouse(s) Sterling Cooper (fiance; deceased)
Child(ren) Pierce Space (son)
Oscar Greaves (nephew)
Mindy Greaves (niece)
Diego Vilalobos (nephew)
Carmen Vilalobos (niece)

Neighborhood Nature Valley

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