Coraline McGee (nee Rapel) is a sim that lives in the town of Pineview. She has existed in the town since the beginning of the original PIneview Stories. She began as an adult but aged into an elder over time. She has served as a "background" character mostly. However, her past is shrowded and full of sorrow. She lost her husband, Gianni, in a fire. She has lived a quiet existence in Pineview. She then lost her job and moved out of Pineview and into Clariville to live with her son, Gino.
Coraline McGee
Name Coraline McGee
Gender Female
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Aries

Parents Claude Rapel (father; deceased)
Geraldine Rapel (mother; deceased)
Spouse(s) Gianni McGee (husband; deceased)
Child(ren) Gino McGee (son)

Neighborhood Clariville
Elle's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14
1 Claudia Neria Lela Beauty Neria Marjolane Jacqueline Neria Neria Marjolane Aryss Neria Aryss Neria
2 Violet Grace Beauty Marjolane Aryss Neria Aryss Marjolane Aryss Neria Neria Aryss Neria Aryss
3 Beth Claudia Jacqueline Neria Fyre Claudia Neria Beauty Jacqueline Beauty Jacqueline Jacqueline Jacqueline
4 Aryss James Neria Violet Lela Lela Marjolane Aryss Beauty Aryss Marjolane Marjolane
5 Oprah Marjolane Marjolane Fyre Claudia Aryss Beauty Jacqueline Marjolane Jacqueline Beauty
6 Jacqueline Fyre Aryss Beth Marjolane Jacqueline Claudia Lela Lela
7 Marjolane Lela James Aryss Beauty Fyre Lela Claudia
8 Valeria Violet Grace Jacqueline Jacqueline Beauty Fyre
9 Grace Valeria Violet Claudia Violet Violet
10 Fyre Aryss Claudia Lela Beth
11 Neria Beauty Beth Grace
12 James Jacqueline Fyre James
13 Lela Beth Valeria
14 Beauty Oprah
The contestant won the reward challenge
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant was the original eliminee but was saved
The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
The contestant was added into the cast due to a number opening
The contestant was eliminated outside of the judging panel
The contestant did not participate in one of the photo shoots and was eliminated
The contestant quit the competition
The contestant won the competition

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