Early Life

Heather Nox was born almost 70 year ago, becoming a vampire at the age of 21 during a vampiric raid. She watched her parentsbdie, for their systems rejected the Vampire's bite violently. Her younger brother, Kiernan, ran away, and didn't turn up until much later, married to Nylissit Tricou. It took Heather almost 30 years to move on, but when she did she quickly rose to the top of the Vampiric cult that opposed her parents' killers. She became a Grand Vampyre and earning the title of Contessa.

Marriage and Other Troubles

Heather went to Tenebrae University 20 years later, where she met the young Anima Fallen. They fell in love and got married, but Heather wasn't welcome in her father-in-law's house. Her daughter Fortuna temporarily healed some of these wounds, until Heather realized her daughter's health problems were due to her inter-species heritage. She told Anima of this, who readily agreed that he should become a Vampire. She bit him, and they concieved another child. Veteris, however, hated the idea of having a vampire for a son, and drugged them with Vampirocilin. Heather became Human again, and lost her unborn child in the process. She attacked Veteris in a blind rage, and left with Anima and Fortuna. They concieved a third child, who was purely human. Heather pleaded to her cult to help her return to vampirism, and their reply is currently pending.

Etymology: Heather's maiden name, Nox, is Latin for 'night'.
Contessa Heather Fallen
Hi! My name is Contessa Heather Fallen!
Name Contessa Heather Fallen
Gender Female
Life State Vampire
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Family
Sign Taurus

The Fallen Family
Parents Somnus Nox, Kirelli Nox (both deceased)
Sibling(s) Kiernan Tricou
Spouse(s) Anima Fallen
Child(ren) Fortuna Fallen, Spirare Fallen

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs
The Fallen Family
Senex and Genesis
Veteris and Amare, Ipse
Caelum and Hira, Kerah, Anima and Heather
Fortuna, Spirare, and Santana

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