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"Old Town" section of Cloverdale, October 2009
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Cloverdale is a custom neighborhood created by user greenbanks92. Cloverdale is notable for it's Weaver Family, the Family Tree of which at one point featured virtually every Sim, either currently living, or deceased, in the town.


  • Cloverdale main neighborhood - the "base hood". Home of mainly middle-class families. There is an "Old Town" section in the western part of town with the town's cemetary, old church where weddings used to take place, a retirement home, and Weaver House, where the Weaver Family used to reside. The original Weaver House was bulldozed and a new one was put in its place, where the Weavers continued to live for several generations. North of Old Town is the wooded northern area of Cloverdale, where Falls of Neuse Lake, Algae Pond, and the new wedding chapel are located. The area has begun to suffer from urban sprawl, however, as a result of development around Algae Pond. The central part of town is the location of many shops and public parks. The eastern part of town is mainly residential.
  • Cloverdale West - Mainly upper-class, exclusive neighborhood. Homes in Cloverdale West are very expensive and it is home primarily to decendants of powerful families in town. There is a wealthy retirement community, and a residents-only country club in Cloverdale West.
  • Downtown - Destination for entertainment and nightlife. Also the location of City Hall.
  • Bluewater Village - Primary business district. Most Sims who own their own small businesses own in Bluewater Village.
  • Agape Business District - African American business district. Home of black business and a well-to-do black community.
  • University of Simsota, Cloverdale - In Simnation tradition, each state has a university system with campuses in several different towns. The University of Simsota's main campus is in Cloverdale.


A list of notable families.

Post-Weaver Era Families:

  • Venable Family
  • Fenten Family
  • Pittman Family
  • Ryan/Traveller Family
  • Avery Family
  • Proctor Family
  • Wood Family


Family Tree

Cloverdale Family Tree With Names

The Weaver Family Tree

The Weaver Family Tree, showcasing how close-kint the town is. A full-sized version can be found here.

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