Part two begins with Cora and Neo questioned both teachers and students at the high school. However, nothing seems to give the couple any leads. When questioning Stark James, Cora becomes suspicious as it seems he was failing the murdered teacher's class. Un-known to Cora though is that Vannah is dating Stark and falling in love with him. Vannah and Stark are almost caught making out by Rena, Vannah manages to talk her way out of a tight spot by saying that Stark just needed some tutoring.

Jakob continues to try and win Cora back. She rejects him from all sides and eventually confronts him on the matter and how she knows that they will never get back together. Orville then gathers the courage to take Greta out for a romantic evening starting with dinner and a romantic walk in the park. He then ends the night by asking Greta to marry him. She happily accepts the offer. Cora is elated for her father. Rena then goes down to the station in attemot to ask Neo out, he is flattered but rejects her offer.

Betsy goes to see Jakob and tells him to back off of Cora and to leave her alone. Jakob then tells her off and makes her leave. Rena then begins to notice that Neo does have feelings... for Cora. Cora and Neo then bring Stark in for questioning and when he can't verify his whereabout on the night of the murder, Cora and Neo think they have caught their killer. However, Stark does have an alibi, Vannah, who he was with on the night of the murder. Since their relationship is secret he can't reveal where he was without hurting Vannah.

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