The series premiere opens with Cora Margin, finishing un-packing all her things back into her child hood home with her father, Orville. It is revealed that Cora's divorce from her husband, Jakob has just been finalized. Her mother has been passed away for a great deal of time. Cora is then revealed to be a detective with the Clariville Police Department. She is assigned a new partner named Neo Starr, who, to Cora, seems a bit "out there." Cora has teo best friends, her now former sister-in-law, Rena Margin. Rena is a single mother to a teenage daughter named Vannah. She is also friends with Betsy Acute who is always searchng for Mr. Right, but only seems to find Mr. Right-Now.

When Rena and Betsy come to visit Cora down at the station Rena reveals how she hasn't spoken to her brother since he broke Cora's heart. Is it understoond that Jakob had cheated on Cora, who was his high school sweetheart, quite often. Betsy also voices her utter hatred for Jakob. Rena instantly becomes infatuated with Cora's new partner, Neo. However, Cora informs her that she needs to leave Neo be as he is new in town and needs to get his bearings. Cora's father, Orville, serves as a voice of reason in her life. He is currently seeing someone that Cora approves of. He is dating their bohemian next door neighbor, Greta Rigal. However, Orville seems to not be able to get over his deceased wife and propose to Greta.

Jakob, who has tried to make ammends with his family and Cora, is constantly rejected by Cora and his sister. He still talks to his niece, Vannah. Vannah has begun dating a young man named Stark James, the local bad-ass. She is keeping her romance with him a secret as she knows her mother would disapprove. She, instead, entrusts her secret to her uncle Jakob. Cora and Neo are assigned their first case, a murder case. It appears a local teacher, Jean Sander, was killed and the police have had no luck so they threw the case to Cora and Neo. Cora is suprised at the PD's lack of care in the case but Neo tells her he knows they can solve it... together.

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