Released 23 Mar 2009


  1. let go
  2. want you to be
  3. just a lie
  4. hurry up
  5. simple man
  6. testy
  7. starring at my shoes
  8. every night
  9. tomorrow
  10. want you to be (acoustic)

African Oasis

Released 10 Jun 2009


  1. african oasis
  2. she's got a secret
  3. it's stranger here
  4. i looked in to you eyes
  5. you know (album-only)
  6. look up (album-only)
  7. let me tell you (album-only)
  8. take it all (album-only)
  9. error
  10. at the end of it all

Chocolate Sky

Released 9 Sep 2009


  1. the book factory
  2. 16 different flavours of smell
  3. purple is the colour (album-only)
  4. killing friends for a bet (album-only)
  5. poetic license (album-only)
  6. chocolate sky
  7. she makes me feel fuzzy (album-only)
  8. time bomb (album-only)
  9. 16 different flavours of smell (acoustic)
  10. the book factory (acoustic) (album-only)

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