Family Photos

Tyra's Call-Out Order

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Gaaria Tiyanna Rissa Daisy Lahanna Gaaria Phoebe Lahanna Bywessa Bywessa Bywessa Bywessa
2 Rissa Megan Felicity Esther Megan Rissa Rissa Gaaria Megan Rissa Megan Megan
3 Maya Daisy Daisy Rissa Rissa Daisy Bywessa Megan Gaaria Megan Lahanna
4 Laur'ee Esther Lahanna Bywessa Daisy Lahanna Daisy Bywessa Lahanna Lahanna Rissa
5 Pheobe Pheobe Laur'ee Lahanna Gaaria Bywessa Lahanna Phoebe Rissa Gaaria
6 Lahanna Bywessa Tiyanna Phoebe Bywessa Pheobe Megan Rissa Phoebe
7 Esther Rainey Esther Felicity Tiyanna Tiyanna Gaaria Daisy
8 Daisy Felicity Megan Gaaria Phoebe Megan Tiyanna
9 Bywessa Lahanna Gaaria Megan Esther Esther
10 Rainey Olgara Bywessa Tiyanna Felicity
11 Felicity Rissa Pheobe Laur'ee
12 Megan Gaaria Rainey
13 Tiyanna Laur'ee Olgara
14 Olgara Maya
The contestant won the reward challenge
The contestant was immune from elimination
The contestant was eliminated

The Band as children

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