Chica Deli (nee Chung, previously Wilt) is a sim in the town of Pineview. She is the daughter of Esme Jugo and her much older butler, turned husband, Carl Chung. When she is born her mother is a young adult and her father is an elder. Shortly after becoming a toddlar Carl passes away due to old age. She is then raised by her siingle mother.She is the only pillar of strength Esme seems to have in her life. Since Carl's death Esme has a had a string of bad relationships, Alec Todd: who tried to kill Esme, Dusty Scroll: who just couldn't seem to fall in love with Esme. She then gets a step-father when her mother re-marries to Rhett Yellow. She then begins to date, Norris Wilt. She is happy when her mother gives birth to her half-sisters, Lenore and Lucille. She ages into a young adult and becomes engaged to Norris. Her mother decides to take the twins and move after Rhett dies. Chica and Norris then marry and eventually have a daughter. They colorfully name her Florida. Their marriage is happy, but short. Norris is shocked by the stereo and dies. Chica is heartbroken but, shockingly days later re-marries to Hollis Deli. She even makes Florida take her step-father's name. Everyone in Pineview then begins to question Chica's role in Norris's death...
Chica Deli
Name Chica Deli
Gender Female
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Gerald Jugo (grand-father; deceased)
Florentina Jugo (grand-mother; deceased)
Esme Chung (mother)
Carl Chung (father; deceased)
Rhett Yellow (step-father)
Sibling(s) Jan Alder (step-sister; deceased)
Lenore Yellow (half-sister)
Lucille Yellow (half-sister)
Spouse(s) Norris Wilt (husband; deceased)
Hollis Deli (husband)
Child(ren) Florida Deli (daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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