Cherilee Anne Cotton (nee Bilney) is the mother of the deceased Amalia. Not much is curently known about her, but her early life may be touched up soon. She was seen as an adult with the child Amalia walking to get surplies for their grand swimming pool. (Note that the family tree is the real life one, and will always be expanded).

Who she is

Mrs Cotton may seem to not care for her daughters, but she loves them (even Amalia) very much. When she was 13 years old, her sister died. She named Amalia's middle name after her. Her father died shortly after Amalia was born. Her mother died of a broken heart when Amalia died. Curently, only her brother is still alive from her side of the family (excluding herself).

Cherilee Anne Cotton
Name Cherilee Anne Cotton
Gender Female
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Fortune‎
Sign Sagittarius

Parents Collien Bilney (mother), Ronald Bilney Sr (father) (both deceased)
Sibling(s) Ronald Bilney Jr, Rosie Bilney (deceased)
Spouse(s) Darren Cotton
Child(ren) Amy Cotton (deceased), Emily Cotton, Kaylee Cotton

Neighborhood Strangetown

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