CharmingCharmz is a series by laughingcat160 and VanillaXCrescent in (xCharmingCharmzx).


The CharmingCharmz promotional poster.

Charming Charmz is the name of the girl band which composes of 5 members. It is a simple story made by VanillaXCrescent and it is being made in to a Sims series. The series has an anime style storyline where in the cast talks like a japanese anime dubbed into english. The idea of the series actually came from the japanese anime K-On! which was also a girl band, only to be called "Afterschool Tea Time." Although it composes of only 4 members, 1 girl is treated as though she is also a member. Charming Charmz was also based from the animated movie Barbie Diaries. It was heavily noticed when the drummer of the band was named Courtney which was also the name of the drummer in Barbie Diaries. Another is the name of the girl band, "Charming Charmz" which appeared to be taken from the name of Barbie's band Charmz. The series will start airing at in June 2010.

Characters and Voice Cast

Annica Lucas - Ann Tworek
Chelsea Singer - Lauren Cain
Serrah Harlow - Vanille Velasquez
Alicia Crownridge - Kerrigan Robinson
Courtney Roberts - Mallory


Filming - Jessica Ness
Script - Vanille Velasquez

Song Mixer - Michiyo
Lyricist - Katerinu