Celina Portsom


Celina Portsom


Deceased (Old Age)


Medical Intern (retired)



Skin Colour


Hair Length


Hair Colour

Pink roots, yellow body, pink streaks, blue tips


Samuel Portsom (husband)


  • Tina
  • Andrew
  • Erica
  • Darren
  • Hollie & Krista (twins)

Other Relations

  • Miraj Alvi (son-in-law)
  • Kaylyn Langerak (daughter-in-law)
  • Morgana Portsom (granddaughter)
  • Paul Portsom (grandson)
  • Two unknown triplets (grandsons)
  • Samantha (granddaughter)
  • Tabitha (granddaughter)
  • Kelsey (granddaughter)
  • Unknown girl (granddaughter)
  • Unknown child (grandchild)

Celina was a colour enthusiast who moved to Sunset Valley on her eighteenth birthday. She was the start of the The Portsom Legacy.

Childhood in a Country Village

Celina was often an outcast at school, due to her wild yet natural hair colouring. Her well-to-do parents made many attempts to dye her hair a more reasonable shade, but all the dyes were either too weak to cover it completely, or washed out straight away. She therefore remained an outcast, and her parents remained ashamed of her. When she reached her teenage years, Celina found herself a little more accepted, though still far from popular. She met a boy named Samuel Long, and upon discovering his unnatural interest in colour began dating him. The pair had few rough patches and had much in common; not only were they both colour enthusiasts (as Celina had named them), but came from ill-approving, well-to-do families.

A few days before Samuel's 18th birthday, Celina found she was pregnant with his child. The day before his birthday, Tina was born. As a birthday treat, Celina dyed Samuel's hair bright red and blue, causing him to be kicked out. Celina moved in with him, and the day after her 18th birthday, Tina blossomed into a beautiful toddler, with lilac hair streaked with a pale turquoise. Now free from their parents, the pair wed that night, and the small family fled to the more urban city of Sunset Valley.

A Fresh Start

Due to Celina's slightly domineering nature, Samuel took her surname at the alter, so named their lodge 'The Portsom House'. They immediately began renovating it, decorating it with bright neon colours. They turned the large downstairs sitting room into two ensuite bedrooms for their eldest children (both had the 'Surrounded by Family' lifetime wish). The second floor had a sitting room, dining room and kitchen. The pair repainted all these rooms and knocked down the wall separating the kitchen and dining room, and again, redecorated these rooms. The third floor was left intact, and the fourth only had a transformation of an observatory into a nursery and again, repainting. The outside was painted red, blue, yellow and green. Celina and Samuel had found themselves very wealthy once they'd retrieved their uni funds.

However, the pair again found themselves unaccepted, though Samuel became a great sporting hero. Fortunately, Tina found herself accepted, and became fast friends with Miraj Alvi, Kaylyn Langerak and Bella Goth, whilst enjoying her painting after school. The rest of their children also found their friends and fortes: Andrew followed in his father's footsteps, Erica became a writer supplying the family with a fair amount of money, Darren a collector, while Krista became a fisherwoman and Hollie explored the realms of logic. Tina also found an interest for guitar when she was in her teens. The only further renovation on the house was extending the top floor to contain a bedroom for the twins.

Meanwhile, Samuel climbed up the career ladder to become a Sports Legend, and Celina practised her cooking and logic skills regularly. As soon as all the kids were old enough to be home alone, Celina became a Paramedic. However, by this time Tina was engaged, and the pair had little time left until it was time to retire. On their eldest daughter's wedding day, the pair moved out to a tiny but luxurious cottage, though they returned to their old house to celebrate their birthdays. They eventually felt their ends approaching, and Celina passed on, soon followed by her husband.


In memory of their parents, Tina and Andrew did several things to honour them as the founders of the Portsom Legacy:

  • The two teddy bears that sat in the nursery were given pink and red shirts (Celina and Samuel's favourite colours respectively), and were named Kelly and Sammy, so all newborn Portsoms could have some small contact with their founders.
  • Two portraits Tina had done of her parents when she was a child were hung either side of the fireplace, facing the door.
  • Certificates earned by Celina and Samuel were hung in the master bedroom.
  • Together, Andrew and Tina bought a small manor at the bottom of their road, and turned it into a private graveyard for the Portsom family. Celina and Samuel's graves (which previously sat in Celina's veggie garden) were set either side of the door. The manor was filled with expensive furniture for their spirits to enjoy. The manor/graveyard was named 'Portsoms Long After', referring to the family name lasting a long time, and also jibing Samuel's birth name of Long.

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