Carlton Chalk
Carl Chalk




Teenager/Young Adult/Adult/Elder


Business Owner


Carl (nick-name)


Ron Chalk (father)
Camille Chalk (mother; deceased)


Cari Chalk (sister)
Cain Chalk (brother)


Billie Chalk (wife)


Gal Sharp (ex-girlfriend)


Vanessa Chalk (daughter)


Bernard Chalk (grand-father; deceased)
Reno Chalk (grand-mother; deceased)
Gregg Chalk (uncle; deceased)
Jennifer Wilton (aunt; deceased)
Neve Lord-Chalk (cousin)
Remy Det-Chalk (grand-daughter)
Paula Lillian (mother-in-law)
Beck Lillian (brother-in-law)


Carlton Chalk is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights.

Set 8

Carlton first appears in set eight as the child-age son of Gregg Chalk's newly discovered brother, Ron. He has a brother, Cain, and a sister, Cari. His mother's name was Camille or "Cam." It is shown throughout the set that Ron has a secret. It is revealed that he is purely evil. When Gregg confronts Ron about it Cam breaks down and claims that she only married Ron and had the kids was because he forced her too and he killed her sister, Jennifer Wilton. Ron then sets their enclosed backyard a blaze.

Set 9

In the ninth set, 2 years later, Carlton is a teenager. He survived the fire. However, his mother and grand-parents didn't. As a result he, along with Cari and Cain were taken in by their uncles, Gregg and Max. He, along with Neve, Cain and Cari are kidnapped by Ron when he escapes custody, but are later returned by the police.

Set 10

In the tenth set, Carlton is simply a background character who attends events such as Guy and Kendra's wedding.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0, set 10 years later, Carlton is now a young adult. He is a regualr from sets 1-3. Then on he is a guest character.

Set 1

In the first set, Carlton is now a young adult and living on his own. Cari and Cain are still being raised by Gregg and Max. Cari is a teenager while Cain is a child. He is single. He begins to date Billie Lillian, Beck's younger sister. Their relationship goes well for a while. They hit a bump, when Billie asks Carlton if they should live together when they have only been dating for a little while. Carlton accepts the offer, hesitantly. He then reuns into his cousin, Neve, who he asks for advice she tells him to do what his heart tells him, she then looks over at Alton. He and Bille eventually break up and he begins seeing Gal Sharp. However, she and Billie have a fight over him as they are best friends and they both decide to stop dating him. At Charis and Werner's wedding he sees the suspicious Lyle Judd taking a mysterious phone call.

Set 2

In the set, Carlton joins Floyd Rebuff in the investigation of Lyle Judd and informs him of the mysterious phone call. He tries his best to dig up what he can, to no avail. When he learns that Ida and Lyle have become engaged he does his best to warn her that Lyle is bad news. However, she rejects his warning. One night after having a meeting with Floyd, he is assaulted by an un-known assailent. He quickly believes it is Lyle but, that night Floyd noticed Ida sneaking around and they begin suspecting she is involved and actually assaulted Carlton (this is later disproven as she was hiding her affair with Willa). Eventually, when Lyle is trapped and amits his evil plan he confesses to assaulting Carlton.

Set 3

In the third set, Carlton runs into his ex-girlfriend, Billie Lillian. They acknowledge that each of them still ahve feelings for the other. On a whim they decide to begin dating again. After a short reunion Carlton proposes marriage and Billie happily accepts. They begin planning a big and lavish wedding but then choose to go with a small and intimate ceremony in the backyard of Paula Lillian, with only those they care about in attendance. They are then married. Shortly after the wedding Billie recieves a job offer out of town. Though they don't want to say goodbye to their friends, it is an opportunity Billie can't pass up. Carlton and Billie then leave Ribbon Heights, but vow to one day return.

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