Cal Scroll
Cal Scroll
Cal as he appears in TNG








Cal (nick-name)


Bonnie Rossim (ex-wife)
Wren Scroll (wife)


Anita Coosband (ex-girlfriend)


Valerie Scroll (daughter)
Dusty Scroll (son)


Ramiro Castillo (son-in-law)
Jezebel Jones (daughter-in-law)
Martine Youth (grand-daughter)
River Castillo (grand-son)


Cal Scroll is a sim in the town of Pineview. He doesn't appear until The Next Generation story-lines. He is the ex-husband of Bonnie Scroll. He is also the father of Valerie Scroll and the grand-father of Martine Youth. It is revealed that his and Bonnie's marriage ended when he cheated, presumably with his now second wife, Wren.

He, like Bonnie and Ken, has another child with his new spouse, a son Dusty. He returns to Pineview in hopes of rekindeling his romance with Bonnie as she and Ken were divorced. He said that he and his second wife were having trouble. He then begins to date his former neighbor Anita Coosband.

However, he and Bonnie begin an affair behind Anita and Bonnie's fiance, Hans's backs. When Hans leaves Bonnie at the altar he hopes to win Bonnie back. However, before he can make a move Bonnies other ex-husband, Ken Rossim and Bonnie's true love, comes to her aid and they re-marry. With his plans ruined Cal leaves Pineview in hopes of fixing his relationship with Wren.

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